PhanTerror Producing First Feature Length Horror Movie, Human Garbage

Horror movies have been commercially successful almost from the inception of cinema, but many aficionados of the genre peg the 1980s as the high point for splatter and gore films.  It was during this era when horror movies depended upon practical special effects rather than computer generated imagery.  PhanTerror, an Australian film company, is currently producing Human Garbage, an homage to those films that relied on visceral effects to instill real fear in its performers and viewers.

The story of Human Garbage is set in 1986 and focuses on a drug lord named Tommy Graves who is selling a highly addictive and lethal substance known as Krunk. Relentless police officer Jack Baxter is pursuing Graves in vengeance for his murdered family, but a mysterious creature is killing his marks before he can. Could the tales of a krunk fueled revenant be true?

Human Garbage is like many of the most important influential horror films of the 80s, The Return of the Living Dead, Class of 1999 and Dead-End Drive In. It relies on low budget gore to inspire dread and terror.  Produced by Rob Taylor who has won numerous honors for other productions including the Night of the Garbage Monster trailer which won the StopNWatch short film competition.

Human Garbage is Rob’s first feature length film and his most commercially viable. In order to raise the shoestring budget for filming, cast & crew, post-production and marketing, Rob has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure $88,000. Donations will be rewarded with perks like digital artwork, production diaries, scripts, film downloads, DVDs, T-shirts, posters, props from the film, roles in the film, and producer credits.  To learn more about Human Garbage or to make a donation, please visit

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