Reflective Safety Vests Are Not Only for Exercise but Should Be Used By Anyone Close to Traffic Claims Manufacturer

Being Seen at Distance by Traffic Is Key to Avoiding Accidents

180,000 accidents a year tell a story that there is not enough care taken when we are around vehicles and traffic. But what it also fails to tell are the individual stories and thousands of different reasons as to why those accidents occurred. What those stories would tell us more than anything is that there is no one group of people or one activity that is more vulnerable to being involved in an accident with a vehicle than any other.

Speed and visibility are the two major issues that cause accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. The speed of the vehicle and the normal reaction times of drivers travelling along a road and the visibility of the pedestrian, jogger, worker or individual who is in proximity to the travelling vehicle are the key factors. It is clear that the more visible you are to passing traffic and the greater the distance at which you become aware to a driver vastly reduces the risk of an accident occurring. To this end, Reflective safety vest manufacturer MoonRunner has started an awareness campaign to highlight the use of highly reflective safety vests for use by people involved in alternative activities to the usual runners, cyclists and walkers that are usually the focus of their marketing.

In a statement today they cite crossing guards, construction workers, road workers and school workers as just a few of the occupations that have employed the reflective safety vest to great effect. 

Spokesperson Jessica Thompson explained, “Our aim is to build awareness to everyone who finds themselves around traffic, whether at work, or in their spare time. You don’t have to be a runner, cyclists or motorcyclists to need to be seen by traffic. You just have to be someone who finds themselves in the vicinity of vehicles. And that covers more people than we could list in a chart. We want people to think, “Am I aware of the traffic around me? And, do I need to do more to be visible to that traffic so they can see me at distance?” If the answers to these question No and Yes, then a reflective safety vest is something they should consider to enhance their safety.”

She continued, “We have seen from customer reviews of our safety vest that some people are recognising the need outside of the exercise community and we think that it is worthwhile making other aware of the possibilities.”

Here is what a few people have said;

“A must for safety! I’m not a runner, but I do work late many times at accident sites. Having something reflective is a must when you have traffic flowing past you (sometimes at high rates of speed). I have several orange vests and jackets, problem with those is when it is hot out or on the flip side, when it is cold and trying to fit them over a jacket. This vest is very light weight (mesh) and comes with not only wrist/ankle straps but also a bag to store it in. Personally, when not using the bag to store the vest and straps, I’ll be using it to store other things that I’ll be using. Make it easier to see in the dark…lol. I took a picture with a flash to mimic headlights, you can see that it does have great reflective attributes. I am really pleased with the vest!”


“What a nice set. I work at a school and am very excited to use it at recess or crossing guard. It’s nice and bright for kids to see, and also a nice light weight as to not get you too hot. There are lots of reflective areas which would work wonderfully for my evening walks. The zipper pouch is on the inside area of the large reflective area at the chest. It fits my iphone 6 great. This will also come in handy for holding keys, passes, etc.”


I purchased this MoonRunner (Deluxe) Reflective Running Safety vest for two reasons. First off, everyone should have a reflective piece of clothing in the trunk of their car in case of an emergency. Secondly, when I dog sit my daughters Yorkie, she has a tendency to run off into the woods around our house. By putting the reflective strap around her collar, I can now easily shine a flashlight and find her. The vest is high quality and I love that it has a zippered pocket in the front large enough to hold a cell phone and a dog treat! This one fits me perfectly. I Would definitely recommend!




MoonRunner is the manufacturer and distributor of the MoonRunner (Deluxe) Reflective Safety Vest for anyone who finds themselves in the vicinity of vehicles and wants to be seen at distance. This includes runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists and motorcyclists  and others whose personal situation means they need to be seen at a distance especially at night. The fluorescent safety vest comes in two sizes; is made from the highest quality mesh and 3M Scotchlite;  adjusts via Velcro straps at the waist; and many reflective patches gives the wearer full 360 degree visibility.. The vest also contains a hidden pocket so the wearer can easily store items such as the latest iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung S6. The product also includes two reflective strips that may be used as wrist or ankle bands to further enhance visibility and a laundry bag for storage.


Moonrunner Retail is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Moonrunner reflective safety vest. The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at


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