Excitement for the Le Bourget Airport City Sky High – and it has a new name!

Le Bourget, Grand Paris will never be the same again – because Le Bourget airport is about to have an airport city in its own right and it has a brand new name!

Airports Kinesis Consulting, the airport design company specializing in Financial Engineering, Engineering and Strategics for airports and airport cities, are delighted to announce the creation and development of a brand new airport city only one kilometer from Le Bourget airport on the outskirts of Paris. Airports Kinesis Consulting- working with Ducher, a private real estate company and the Municipality of the Grand Paris – are undertaking a programme of development that will not only breathe new life in to the area but also serve as an aeronautical base camp for visitors to the Paris Airshow. This new generation of urban master plan has moved from the initial contract to full municipality and the government approval through a development permit in under six months.

The Paris Airshow is critical to the French economy, bringing millions of Euros of investment – it makes perfect business sense that these global guests spend get to see the best that the area can offer. Unlike any other airport and airshow in the world, the infrastructure of the airport city has been designed to work in harmony with the needs of the aeronautical and astronautics French and European companies.

This means that the Paris Airshow can operate at an entirely new level of integration. Visitors can have bespoke areas to access the different levels of exhibitors. Multinational operations can network with everyone from their largest clients to exciting new start-ups who are at the cutting edge of technology. The first airport city in Paris and France, major Aeronautics companies, have already expressed their interest by taking office space. Simply put, the airport city will be a perfectly designed networking area – but it is so much more than a meeting place.

This trailblazing project sees Airports Kinesis’s innovative astro-aeronautic concept being fully realized. One of the first in Europe, many more projects are in the pipeline with airport operators or government bodies all over the world with the sole objective of maximizing the catalytic marketing and realizing the true financial impact of airports.

Not only is Airports Kinesis able to leverage the economic viability of airport suburbs, but the strategic and financial model is the first fully green circular model in the world. 

Developed in partnership with Seven Rock Mining, the Airports Kinesis Green Airport City urban concept is an autonomous area utilizing only renewable energy processes including constructed-wetlands and a new geothermal solution based entirely on the extraction of heat from Geo Plutonic source using a Closed loop system. 

Called CEEG (Complex Extraction of Energy from Ground), allows for the first phase, the production and supply of 12 MW of constant electricity to the grid and to the airport city buildings.

The project brings huge catalytic financial benefits with the basis of the project being a circular economy model. The Airports Kinesis solution has been developed to allow private equity companies or venture capitals to invest in the airport cities projects while governments increase revenues, generate jobs and extend the local quality of education and services.

The new airport city will be named Lindbergh Aerotropolis to celebrate Bourget Airport’s place in history as the landing place of the first Trans-Atlantic New York to Paris flight. Undertaken by Charles Lindbergh, the flight landed on 21 may 1927 and the world over aeronautics transformed overnight. 

Ronnie Hessnan of Airports Kinesis said, “This is the start of an amazing project for the team at Airports Kinesis. Not only are we regenerating a key suburb of Paris, but we are pushing the boundaries of traditional business practice, financial models and sustainability to deliver a word-class airport city” 

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Airports Kinesis Contact : Eva Dubois Meulier, on 514 426 6156, email : eva.dubois@energykinesis.com  or visit http://www.airports-kinesis.com

Notes to editor:

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact the Eva Dubois Meulier, on 514 426 6156, email : eva.dubois@energykinesis.com or visit http://www.airports-kinesis.com.

Airports Kinesis Consulting is a Canadian Airport and Airport City consulting company, this company is specialized in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, master planning, urban design, airport design and financing, airport city design and financing solutions.

Airports Kinesis Consulting is in charge of several airport projects: NBIA (North Bali International Airport), Sharjah Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Kertajati Aerotropolis, Benin Airport, New Lubumbashi Airport and many others.

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