Local Computer Repair Company Offers SEO and IT Support

New Britain, CT – Businesses large and small have enough to worry about without adding the stress of computer problems to the mix. With so many companies beginning to realize the importance of technology, both in maintaining and growing their businesses, keeping computers and networks running smoothly is crucial. Dynamic Network Solutions provides quality computer repair, IT support, and SEO services for companies throughout the New Britain area, helping to ensure that the actual business of a company isn’t taking a backseat to computer problems.

Be it meager viruses or short circuiting motherboards, computer problems can go from a headache to a hassle in no time at all. Viruses in particular are often overlooked, leaving them to wreak havoc to a computer, or even an entire network. A computer that is slow, crawling with so many bugs it’s a wonder they aren’t popping out of the vents, or seems to have a mind of its own can cost valuable time and money to a company. For most business owners, that’s something that just can’t be tolerated. Luckily, Dynamic Network Solutions provides fast, full service computer and networking solutions for viruses and internal computer repair.

But DNS is more than just computer repair and virus removal. For a small, flat rate, the company provides quality comprehensive IT support for businesses. Clients of DNS claim the price is well worth it, as the IT services provided include not only remote and on-site support, but tech purchase consulting, mobile device and cloud based system/services set-up and training, and both monthly and annual reporting services. Much like their website, the support offered by Dynamic Network Solutions is simplistic, easy to understand, and wholly satisfying.

“Anyone who works with computers or tech all the time knows that sometimes things just happen,” shrugs Thomas Price, a client with Dynamic Network Solutions. “When a few of our computers started slowing down, we knew it was time to go all in and get some IT Support going. I called DNS because I had heard about them from a colleague a while back and they seemed like as good a company as any to work with. After 3 years, I’m still blown away by the fantastic service and attention to detail. They’re here when we need them, and they bring more to the table than most other IT services I’ve looked at. If I had to pinpoint my favorite part of the service, I would say it’s either the friendly staff we deal with, or the yearly checkup and optimization for all of the computers in our office.”

Dynamic Network Solutions goes one step above other IT support and repair companies, by offering SEO and web design options as well. The company offers courses on learning SEO, so that clients don’t need to rely on a company to do it for them, they can effectively do it themselves. A company’s brand is the face that potential clients see when dealing with that company. Most businesses want their brand to stand out, and make a dynamic first impression with new clients. Fortunately, “dynamic” is the first part of DNS, and when it comes to tech support or web design, they deliver. After all, a brand is only as strong as the company that stands behind it.

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About the Company:

Dynamic Network Solutions is located at 1 Hartford Square #240 New Britain, CT 06052.

They can be reached at (800) 210-9613 or by visiting their website http://dynamicnetworksolutions.com/

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