Science Fiction Romance Book – THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL DELIVERY released world wide

“Science Fiction Romance Book THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL DELIVERY by Sudipta Das”
Time to Visit ‘Planet Hoola’ Again!

Science Fiction Romance Book THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL DELIVERYby Sudipta Das is now available World Wide in Paperback, Kindle and E-book formats.

In this third episode of the ‘Planet Hoola’ Science Fiction Romance series, author Sudipta Das traces the evolutionary path of the ascent of the alien Hoo race, on a far away planet. In this work, the author has wonderfully combined the entire spectrum, from Physics to Metaphysics, and merged poetry into prose to intriguingly illustrate the Big Picture. His realisations are telling and connect easily.

A celestial comet is horrendously hurled towards Hoola, on a direct collision course. The collision could potentially wipe out all life on the uniquely colourful planet, including the technologically advanced Hoos.

The impending calamity notwithstanding, the Hoos find themselves faced with yet another predicament that creeps up from within themselves.

Meanwhile, silently blossoms love.

Will the Hoos come around to overcome both the external and the internal obstacles that threaten their very existence? Or will they crumble under the weight of their own spectacular and vibrant, but often divisive, diversity?

The Author

The story of author Sudipta Das is the story of a guy next door who got struck by Divine grace, through a multitude of ways. Since boyhood, he has been fascinated and intrigued by questions about relative consciousness, existence, and the world. With time, these early hazy ideas became clearer.

The author endeavours to burst some of the fractional bubbles that we inadvertently create around ourselves, and to guide us towards the all-encompassing Whole. From his perspective and in his perception, the Supreme got the works done through this aspiring conduit by putting him through a series of fascinating and inspiring, extraordinary psychic and supernatural phenomena.

These are few of the stories behind the story; the non-fiction behind the fiction.


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