NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack – You Don\’t Know How Much You Need It Until You Have One Says One of Over 150 Best Reviews On Amazon

Runners, Walkers & Mums on the Go All Swear by the Touch-screen Enabled Waist Pack.

It has been over 20 years since the fanny pack swept the world and since that time our lives have changed immeasurably. With the changes in technology, the use of smart phones especially, the fanny pack became a little obsolete. That was, until it got a 21st Century upgrade. Now, as one reviewer on Amazon describes the NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack, “You don’t know how much you need it until you have one!”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack now meets the needs of the 21st Century head on with a waist pack that not only holds the latest iPhone or Samsung smart phone but has a clear touch enabled panel so that it can be operated without the need to remove it from it’s secure location. For mums on the go with not enough hands to manage the kids, the shopping and everything else in her busy life, the NewSun21 phone waist pack brings relief and security in one simple step. Runners and walkers and those who travel have also described in their reviews of the waist pack how well they have found the waist pack helps them in their busy lives. The headphone socket combined with the touch enabled screen allows runners to listen to music whilst exercising and monitor and take calls if necessary.

A spokesperson for NewSun21 commented, “We have been extremely pleased with the response to our waist pack from our customers. Our 5 Stars rating on Amazon is, we think, a great achievement. The range of uses and activities that people have being using the waist pack for, just shows its versatility and usefulness in today’s busy world.”

Here are few more comments from Amazon reviews;

This is definitely one of those items that you don’t know how much you need until you have one. This comes in handy for so many different occasions. Running/walking, amusement parks, any public outing where you are afraid your purse will be stolen. I have had a similar item in the past but didn’t like it. The features on this make it a must have! It is very easy to get your phone in and out and the clear plastic part makes it so you can still see and use your phone without having to take it out of the pack. There is still plenty of room for other things with the phone and it is not big and bulky. The strap is very good quality and easily adjustable. I am very happy with this product!


Wow it’s A comfortable hiking belt! It has a streamlined pocket that can hold keys, phone, and balm. Plus there’s an ear bud port too. It’s so nice to have stuff easy to pull out and slip back in while you’re still moving around. The material is smooth and waterproof. The waist strap is simple and easy to use and is great for keeping something clipped and reach without opening the zipper compartments. I like the adjustable waist so others can use it too. And it has a nice wide strap so it doesn’t pinch.


The quality of this belt is A+! The waist strap is sturdy enough to stay put when you are running. And I really like the overall construction. The front of the belt is covered by a clear front which allows you to answer your phone or switch songs, etc. without having to remove the phone from the belt. And the phone is very easy to get into the belt. The opening is zipper-secure (as opposed to velcro) but it does not restrict the size of the opening or access to the inside pocket. I was still able to get my iPhone 6s Plus in the space without having to remove the phone from its case. That is a real bonus in my book!


This is advertised as being for fitness, but I’m using it more for travel than fitness. I’ll be in Paris this August and I wanted something that I could wear under my shirt to avoid pickpockets. Here are the pros and cons of this product:

1) It’s inexpensive. Nobody will see it under my shirt, so I didn’t need a fancy looking travel pouch.
2) It’s big – definitely big enough for an iphone 6s.
3) Looks to be very water resistant. If you ran in the rain with this, your phone would stay completely dry. If you went swimming with this however, your phone would get wet.
4) Easy to adjust. This should fit most normal-sized people.
5) It has a small hole for your headphone cable to go through to connect to your phone.”


The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Sports, Recreational and Travel will accommodate phones with a width of up to and including 5.5 inches which includes the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Moto X and any other phone that fits within the 5.5 inch width parameters. The highly adjustable waistband strap has been designed to fit waist sizes from 24.5 inched to 43 inches and is made of water and sweat proof material with integrated reflective strip for visibility.

The NewSun21 Phone waist Pack is available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited period of time during its launch phase it may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


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