2CoolClothing Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Air Conditioned Jacket.

2CoolClothing is a Florida-based clothing design company that develops innovative, eco-friendly and modern cooling clothes which are functional, versatile and durable, also available at an affordable price point. The newest innovation to come out of the design house is an air conditioned jacket that has been designed to provide cooling relief from the heat harness the power of the body’s natural cooling system. The company has taken the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for their new line of air-conditioned jackets for men and women, the campaign has a funding goal of at least $100,000 USD which needs to be raised within the next 30 days.

Talking about their latest products, the Marketing Manager of 2CoolClothing Bruce Rackouski said:: The concept of 2coolclothing or air-conditioned clothing is to start with the cooling system each of us was born with — and help it along a little bit. With its products, 2cool and the “BIG COOL” aims to help the evaporation of sweat along and speeding it up a bit. The clothes are equipped with two small fans, about 4” across, that pulls air in and pass it up against the body. This additional air-flow directly against the skin increases the rate of evaporation.”

Humans are born with a natural system that cools the body, this process involves the production of sweat and its evaporation to cool down the body through perspiration. However, if the sweat does not evaporate fast enough, it starts accumulating in the body and ends up soaking into the clothes which hampers the effectiveness of the natural cooling system. 2CoolClothing’s Air Conditioned Jacket that has been affectionately named “BigCool” by its developers has an innovative system that facilitates the evaporation of the sweat which allows users to stay cool and reduce sweat accumulation. The jackets have built-in two small fans, about 4″ across that pull air in and pass it up against the body. This additional air-flow directly against the skin increases the rate of evaporation.

The campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals, the team behind the project is looking towards the generosity of the online crowd who support and encourage environmentally friendly products and innovation. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the product for customer use.

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions, the rewards include 600 jackets that are up for grabs.

For more information, and to support the project, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/air-conditioned-jacket/x/14018618#/

About: 2coolclothing is a self-proclaimed eco-friendly producer of cooling cloths is making “air-conditioned” jackets that will allow people to cool off wherever they go. The company is based in Placida, Florida and is spearheaded by Barbara Rackouski.

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