Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Explores How Sysomos is Making Sense Out of Marketing Data

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(Los Angeles, CA, May 26, 2016) Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring Sysomos, the largest independent social intelligence company.

Amber Naslund, Senior Vice President of Marketing, discussed some of the challenges that marketers face because of the large amount of data available to them. She said, “It is a gold mine of information, but it is also an enormous amount of information. Trying to find a way to make meaning out of all of that data, so that you can do something useful in your marketing is really the challenge that we face.”

Ms Naslund explained about how Sysomos addresses these challenges; “Our platform was built to parse all of that data, so most of our engineers are in the big data world as part of their livelihood. They love working with these massive data sets so we are uniquely positioned. We bring in enormous amounts of data and we process up to four terabytes in a day. To give a little context, the Library of Congress is 15 terabytes. We have a platform that makes a marketer’s experience very common sense. They can look at all of that data in an easy-to-use dashboard and it helps them understand what is being said about them online, understand what their competition is doing, and see industry trends as they happen.”

Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, JL Haber, added, “With so much data available online on various platforms, companies can easily get overwhelmed and find themselves spending all of their time looking at the information and not utilizing it. Sysomos is changing that entirely for companies, so they can spend their valuable time on better marketing tactics.

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