Should The United Kingdom Vote To Remain In The EU And Is It Important To The US, Asks Afam Elue

Business expert Afam Elue looks at the forthcoming EU election where the British public get the chance to vote if they want to stay in the EU or leave. The business expert who has said it’s one of the most important votes a person in the UK will ever have to make, has witnessed how business people in America have become concerned over the vote.

On June 23, 2016, voters in Britain will decide in a national referendum whether to the country should remain in the European Union (EU) or leave.  Britons are divided and highly vocal regarding the strategic benefits of retaining membership and its strategic benefits and if they are worth the bureaucratic overhead and expense plus continued erosion of their national sovereignty.

President Obama spoke in London recently, urging British voters to remain in the EU and called their decision “of deep interest to the United States.”  His message was greeted with mixed reviews across England.

Britain’s looming decision is critical for the future of the EU.  Britain is the EU’s second-largest economy, offers a powerful modern military force, and has great influence around the globe.  It is probable that if Britain leaves the EU it will be quickly followed by other members.  At the worst extreme, this could lead to the rapid collapse of Union and leave some smaller nations in dire straits.  Others argue that without Britain’s presence in the EU, it will become dominated by Germany, which recalls memories of World War II.

The continued existence and stability of the EU is important to the United States because the US desires a strong and stable Europe.  With the departure of Britain from the EU, the EU weakens and Europe becomes less stabile.  If Britain left the EU, there are also possible implications in the upcoming US Presidential election.  A weaken Europe reinforces the isolationist views of many conservatives and provides fuel for the Trump campaign. 

The latest poll shows that 41% of Britain’s want to leave the EU and 52% want to remain with 7% undecided.  The issue is far from over and no one knows that the final vote will reveal.  Regardless of the outcome of the election, the US will maintain strong relationships with both the UK and the EU.  It would just be easier and less complicated for the US if Britain stayed the course.   

Afam Elue said: “The EU vote is very important but people in the UK are still puzzled and undecided how to vote. It seems to me that a lot of lies are being told and half truths, which is leaving the UK voter confused on how they should and should not vote.”

Business expert Afam Elue would like to see the British voter given more honest information on how it will affect them if they leave or stay in the EU. Afam Elue explained, if they are given the right information then they can make the right choices.

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