Shirt Melon is changing T-shirt sales

Shirt Melon, an up and comer in the hugely popular graphic T-shirt business, have proven they have what it takes to be one of the best in the business. The company seeks to provide a superior experience to competitors in this emerging market, and offer an extensive catalog in order to please any taste, from the most niche interests to mainstream pop culture. The high quality of their shirts and fair shipping prices further help cement them as a real contender.

While the graphic T market has become fairly saturated recently, Shirt Melon manages to set itself apart with an impressive number of designs in sizes ranging from small to 4XL. Customers want variety, and this is shown best by the success of multiple T-shirt site options out there carrying different stock from one another. Shirt Melon boasts “over two million designs” right in their search bar, and feature some of the most popular designs from across the web, eliminating the need to search multiple sites in order to find a design seen before, or the desired design in your size.

Many consumers took issue with buying apparel online due to shipping costs raising the cost of a shirt far above the cost of a similar article of clothing in a physical location, and Shirt Melon seems to have taken notice. They seek to make shipping costs more reasonable, even offering a sale of $0.99 shipping to the continental US. When the shipping cost is low, customers are more likely to make a purchase, and the company is one of the first to address this issue in a way that appeals to consumers.

Another point of contention has been the dubious quality of the fabric of apparel ordered online. Consumers have been taken by a great design, and disappointed when they receive the print on a low quality shirt. Shirt Melon tackles this issue by using quality fabrics, which while resulting in a slightly higher price tag, should result in more satisfied customers. Repeat business and referrals are important to any online business, and the company has not overlooked this fact when building their products.


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