World Woman Foundation will be Working to Connect Face Forward with Domestic Abuse Victims from Around the World

World Woman Foundation will be Working to Connect Face Forward with Domestic Abuse Victims from Around the World

LOS ANGELES, CA – 5/27/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Face Forward is now collaborating with the World Woman Foundation, a non-profit organization creating meaningful experiences through business, technology, social entrepreneurship and entertainment. Their programs are designed for women all over the world to educate, inspire and connect while fostering learning for women to impact themselves, their community and the world at large. Face Forward will be working with the World Woman Foundation to connect with more domestic violence victims around the world, with the focus on connecting with acid attack survivors.

According to the Acid Survivors Foundation, there have been more than 3300 acid attacks on women around the world since 1999. Acid attacks have catastrophic effects and have become more and more common in recent years, leaving many survivors severely disfigured. World Woman Foundation is looking to connect these survivors to Face Forward, a non-profit organization that provides pro bono emotional support and reconstructive surgery to women, children and men who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or other cruel acts of crime.

World Woman Foundation has a passion for helping women in need and especially women who find themselves in a place where a helping hand is rare. Acid attacks on women as a result of domestic violence are on the rise. Statistics show that “between 2010 and 2014, 84% of victims of acid attacks were women and 79.5% of aggressors were men.  Limited economic resources and the social acceptance of machismo are two of the reasons why women continue to obey an ancient social order where men dominate and women submit to their demands An Amnesty International report from 2005 showed that “one in three of all women and girls aged 15-24 have been a victim of violence in countries like Nigeria, India and Pakistan.”

Speaking on the partnership Rupa Dash, CEO of World Woman Foundation hopes this collaboration, “Will be able to bridge the gap in identifying the acid attack victims and connecting  them with Face Forward for free services such as surgical procedures to help women who have suffered from acid attacks a chance to live without the visual reminder of that brutal incident.”

“We are so excited to be collaborating with World Woman Foundation to connect with more domestic violence survivors around the world, specifically those who have been victims of acid attacks. To these survivors it is not just plastic surgery, it truly is a new beginning,” says Face Forward CEO/Founder Deborah Alessi.

Face Forward’s co- Founder, is world-renowned, double board certified ENT and plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi MD, who performs a majority of the Face Forward surgeries pro bono at the Alessi Institute. Dr. Alessi has been selected as one of the nation’s “Top Doctors” by Top Doctors in America and is continuously registered in The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. In 2013, he received the RealSelf 100 Award for Online Commitment to Patients for his dedication to educate and enrich the lives of current and prospective patients. Dr. Alessi has completed over 16,000 surgeries including 4,500 nasal rhino plastic surgeries and 2,000 neck lifts and facelifts. Dr. Alessi is also renowned for his reconstructive abilities, often fixing the problems of other surgeons.

About Face Forward

Since its creation in 2007, Face Forward has worked with community leaders around the globe  to identify victims of violence who are working toward recovery yet carry the burdening physical evidence of past abuse. Face Forward does more than just provide pro bono reconstructive surgery to adults and children who have suffered traumatic and severe physical abuse; they also create a welcoming and safe environment for these survivors to start a fresh new life, and reclaim their confidence. Both Deborah and Dr. Alessi donate their time and skills 100% to help provide Face Forward patients with their necessary surgeries, counseling and aftercare.  Funds raised by Face Forward help with travel costs, accommodations, transportation, nursing aftercare, prescriptions and more for patients from around the world..

About World Woman Foundation

World Woman Foundation is widely recognized as the “Premier Women’s Leadership Institute” worldwide. At World Woman Foundation our purpose is to support, promote and build legacy of women leadership in areas Business, Entertainment, Science and Technology while creating the BEST NETWORK in the world for gender harmony.  Currently actively operating in USA, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Yemen, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.

To support the thought we advocate mentoring of the global women community at large in business and cultural arenas. Our signature Global Mentorship Program is a movement to empower women by facilitating mentoring programs for 1 million women and girls worldwide by 2020.We aim to elevate the socio-economic milieu of 2 million women across the globe to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.

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