Microsoft’s Bot Framework Gets Kik Integration

Microsoft has announced that they are partnering with Kik to introduce an integration that will help developers bring more users to their bots.

According to an official statement posted on a blog by Kik, they announced that the “Microsoft Bot Framework allows developers to write bot code once and, using the Microsoft Bot Connector, deploy on multiple channels, including Skype, Slack, and SMS. Today, I’m happy to announce that Kik has also been launched as a channel on the Microsoft Bot Connector.”

After a month of close collaboration between the Microsoft and the Kik bot platform engineering teams, it is now possible for new and existing Bot Framework developers to have their bots work on Kik login messenger with minimal effort.

This is a huge development in the tech world, considering that Kik is one of the most popular platforms for connecting with friends, and the world that surrounds us. And although Kik has some of the best open sourced tools for developers, this partnership with Microsoft is expected to be a game changer. Channels like Skype, GroupMe, Slack, etc have been integrated with Microsoft Bot connectors; but they didn’t offer developers much leeway in terms of open sourced tools to help expand the number of users they could reach.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, there is also talk within the IT and tech world that Microsoft intends to send its representatives in the upcoming Botness conference. The conference is scheduled to be held in San Francisco next month, and Microsoft is expected to shed more light regarding its Bot Framework.

What this new integration between Microsoft and Kik is expected to do, is to enable developers build their own bot codes. With these codes, they will then use the bot connector to deploy on Kik for PC and thus multiply the users they can reach by a huge margin. To comprehend the huge milestone that has been achieved in this latest integration, it is worth reminding all developers that over 40% of young people in the US and actually in many countries use Kik for chatting and interacting. These thus form the core target audience and as a developer, the possibilities here are just limitless.

One will first need to register a Bot Framework from Microsoft, then sign up to Azure, and finally code what’s known as a “Hello World”. This can be done using Bot builder. Next, you’ll need to deploy bot on Azure and edit its framework registration. Having done this, you can now turn on Kik as a functional channel for your bot, and you are good to go!

Credit has been given to the technical teams from Microsoft and Kik that have worked to ensure this latest integration.

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