Boyz Records and Shiest City are proud to announce the release of Shiest City’s new single, “Roof on Fire.” The song will be made available on May 27, 2016, and will be released on Shiest City’s official SoundCloud, and distributed through iTunes and various other online platforms.

Shiest City’s music is indicative of the vibrant and culturally-rich society in which he grew up. The hustling and bustling streets of New York City served as Shiest City’s classroom and his skill and talent as a hip hop artist and rapper grew day by day. With “Roof on Fire,” Shiest shows his formidable skill at transcending musical genres to create something truly innovative. NYC is famous the world over as a party destination and, with Shiest City’s music, this reputation will only continue to grow.

Boyz Records and Shiest City are pleased to announce the worldwide release of their new single, “Roof on Fire” It will be made immediately available on May 26, 2016 various platforms for streaming and sale, including Sound Cloud, Facebook, YouTube and more.

In “Roof on Fire,” Shiest City describes how his presence changes the atmosphere of the party, and it truly does not start until he gets there. No one parties harder or longer than Shiest City. He not only raises the roof, he lights it on fire! With a player such as Shiest City at your party, it can only go well and last all through the night.

Shiest City currently boasts an impressive library of mixed singles, including hits like, “Blue City,” “Thousand Dollar,” “So Loud,” “Work,” “Truffle Butter,” “Politics,” “Lie,” “Checks,” “Right Now,” and many more. All released media can be viewed on the official SoundCloud for Shiest City.

Vice President Brianna Hetherington of Boyz Records understands the need to party, especially in the rap genre, which is not known for partying per se. Hetherington states that Boyz Records is “open to all genres and want[s] to branch out into more as [it] grow[s] as a record label.” Party music may not be gangsta rap, but gangsta rap has a place in party music. It started with TuPac and it will continue with Shiest City.

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