History credits those unknown mysterious YorkCoin

Recently, the British challenge YorkCoin Bitcoin currency in foreign forums, Facebook, Twitter uploaded uproar, people can not help but ask, in the end credits of York and source, even with the old digital currency Bitcoin clamor.

Now we come to the mystery of currency clawed YorkCoin bar.

According to public information presentation, YorkCoin  credits originated in Yorkshire, by the British Financial Group joint monetary financial expert Steven • Peter grams • David Scott Yorkshire joint top Internet professionals Jackson Peter & Charles Jhonson breakthrough Block chain technology limitations Scrypt use as the core algorithm, developed encrypted digital currencies have British aristocratic descent – YorkCoin , monetary and financial group by the United Kingdom to promote global operations.

Yorkshire is the ancient capital of the UK, Historical Status of China Xi’an quite, Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI once said, “The history of York is the history of England” (York’s history is the history of England), we can see is a witness York England historic important city, came to York, just like through a time tunnel to the Middle Ages. Yorkshire deep historical and cultural environment, beautiful natural scenery, captured the hearts of tourists around the world, was named Europe’s best tourist destination.

Two inventors YorkCoin Jackson Peter & Charles Jhonson, they came from this ancient county, they grew up as close friends, often study together Internet technology, after 09 years bitcoin is “Nakamoto” invention, the two began YorkCoin for research and development projects, and later in the United Kingdom monetary financial Group financial expert Steven • Peter grams • David Scott’s help, in early 2015 successfully developed a new generation of digital currency – YorkCoin .

YorkCoin on the basis of principle of Bitcoin development, enhance security, beyond having Bitcoin principle is characterized technically. York credits the creation and transfer is an Internet-based open-source encryption protocol, are not subject to any central control mechanism.

YorkCoin the invention, greatly promoted the development of the UK digital currency, they are invited to participate in 2015, the British government organization block chain technology projects, the British government wants to use new technology to regain its global financial center.

York credits due to security, open source, high efficiency, sharing, optimization, distribution, commercial, floor, investments, dividends ten advantages, gradually by fans around the world love digital currency, and the establishment of the YorkCoin community currency in a technical discussion with bitcoin communities fierce war of words, some media actually promote “Bitcoin YorkCoin challenges,” so YorkCoin fame.

In early 2016, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong Monetary Financial Group authorized credits Allianz Global International Finance Group (Main investments, futures, real estate, tourism and energy project financing) in the Asian region to promote, York currency circulation in the docking live online video, Internet games, binary options, online shopping mall, real estate, jewelry, foreign exchange, futures, global luxury goods and other platforms, to achieve effective docking virtual project finance and real project, to form a complete ecological industry chain, let us work together to meet the ratio belongs YorkCoin new world, once again change the world.

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