The Victoria Napolitano Group Launches Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci

New opulent dessert line includes mail-order dessert gifts and treats and wedding cakes

The Victoria Napolitano Group is pleased to announce the launch of Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci, a San Francisco-based hub for opulent desserts, mail-order treats, and wedding cakes.Desserts no website

Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci features lead chef Toni Saldivar and a team of catering professionals for events. In addition, desserts (with the exception of wedding cakes) can be overnighted.

“It took me five years to find a confectionery and baker mixed in one with high standards and who could execute; Toni Saldivar is the person,” said Victoria Napolitano.

Signature gourmet desserts from Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci include vanilla chocolate dipped strawberries, brownie truffles with gold crystal sugar, dark chocolate truffles dipped in cocoa powder, custom royal icing cookies, lemon mousse cups topped with fresh raspberries, and more.

Beauty fashion model girl taking colorful macaroonsMademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci also features premier gift options. “We’ve created a timeless gift of Truffles and Roses for the client that loves traditional gift giving,” said Napolitano.

The gourmet dessert company can handle orders of any size, and customers can now place their orders online. More information can be found at

About The Victoria Napolitano Group
The Victoria Napolitano Group is an international multimedia company specializing in high-tech digital magazines.

The group was founded by Victoria Napolitano, a retired police officer/hostage negotiator who lost her eyesight when she received a head injury resulting in detached retinas. Never fully recovered, Victoria left the San Jose Police Department and is now the President and CEO of The Victoria Napolitano.

See more at Victoria Napolitano’s YouTube Channel.

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