New Documentary on Indiegogo Deals with ADHD

Chronicles director’s 53 years with Undiagnosed ADHD

SEATTLE, WA – 5/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Are Your ADD? Is the latest independent film project to hit Indiegogo. The
documentary is intended to provide awareness about this condition and highlight the importance of diagnosis and treatment.

SEATTLE- 2016—It is estimated that close to 10,000,000 people are living with undiagnosed ADHD. This condition is a legitimate medical diagnosis, and one that is often overlooked in adults because of the association with it being a childhood disorder, and the various coping mechanisms that many adults have created to work around their condition. Are You ADD? is a film intended to focus on the condition of ADHD, as well
as document the lives of those who live with it. 

The documentary is a first-person narrative about the experiences of director Wesley Gray. Gray spent the majority of his life with the condition untreated. The documentary will discuss how Gray went from suffering from ADHD, to receiving the diagnosis and treatment that put his life into perspective after 53 years.

“My moment of ‘Eureka’ was when someone asked me if I had read Driven to Distraction by Dr. Edward Hallowell,” says Gray. “After reading that book everything in my life suddenly began to make sense. Being a creative person, and now being a creative person with a roadmap to bringing the disparate elements of my life together successfully, I knew that this film had to happen and that I could be the one to do it. I can show people through my own life experience what it is like to have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and what it can be like after treatment.” The project seeks to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo, a crowfunding site, which will enable the filmmaker to complete the production stage of this film. The documentary features some of the most prominent names in ADHD research and treatment , such as Dr. Russell A. Barkley Ph.D who has has served on the editorial boards of 11 scientific journals and received numerous awards over his career for his work in ADHD and the field of psychology. Dr. Edward Hallowell, Founder of the prestigious Hallowell Centers and Dr. Daniel Amen, Founder of Amen Clinics, a leader in SPECT brain imaging. 

Successful distribution of the film will allow people from all over the globe to have a visual representation of this disorder and motivate them to seek treatment. Treatment, as Wesley Gray knows, is imperative to being able to live a fulfilled and stress free life. Indiegogo perks include copies of the DVD, license for a public screening, production credits, or the ability to be a part of the “Bonus Features” which showcases coaching, therapy, and other solutions for ADHD managment.

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