New Book Released – In One Hour: The Imminent Future of America

The upcoming book by John Freemantle called In One Hour: The imminent Future of America is a non-fiction research study based on historical texts like prophecies received by George Washington and Bible writers.

The author, John Freemantle explains, “The Founding Fathers have been forewarned about events that will one day come to this nation the United States suddenly and totally unexpected. These events will change every single aspect of everyone’s daily life forever, nationally as well as internationally. What we are going to encounter in America will transform the world as we know it. No event in world history ever had or will have a greater impact on society since the beginning of human history.”

2016 is the year that will set these things in motion with national elections that will have a big impact on the imminent future of this country. At the same time international relationships with countries like Russia are under increasing tensions as reported by General Sir Richard Shirreff that served at the second-highest NATO military office in Europe between 2011 and 2014. For him the possible scenario could include a military exchange by 2017 as he states in his book: “2017 War with Russia, An Urgent Warning from Senior Military Command”.

John Freemantle fully agrees in his upcoming book, he notes that now it is not a matter of if any longer, just a question of when. He goes into practical answers of what to do when it happens.

These issues need to be addressed now, because current tensions between Super powers are still playing in international territories like Syria and other places in the Middle East, but can escalate at any time without prior warning, and then we need to know what to do spiritually and practically, because many saw it coming – No one is really ready.

In One Hour – The Imminent Future of America is coming June 14, 2016. Available now at Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Apple iBooks.

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