Apollo Implants LLC Announces New Technology Ushering In A New Paradigm In The Treatment of Spinal Disc Disorders

Apollo’s injectable spinal disc technology will involve a minimally invasive procedure in which the spine is mechanically stabilized from the inside-out, maximizing retention of the patient’s existing range of motion. The company seeks funding through several crowdfunding sources.

CANTON, OHIO, August 4, 2014. Millions of people in the USA are affected by back pain. In fact, very few people have not been touched by a family member or a friend who is dealing with some form of back pain. Over 400,000 people this year will be faced with a critical decision on how to proceed with treatment for spinal disc disease. Apollo Implants LLC is at the cutting edge of a new technology that utilizes a minimally invasive procedure to inject nano-polymer into the disc space, creating a new spinal disc, thus alleviating the common problems caused by a deteriorating disc.

Apollo reports that surgeons have a number of options available for the treatment of these disc conditions, unfortunately there are multiple drawbacks to these surgical interventions. The most common utilized solution is Spinal Fusion, which makes up about 21% of the spinal procedures on a global basis. Spinal Fusion is replete with permanent post-surgical problems, after all, the human body does not like the addition of plates, rods, and screws. Make no mistake about it, Spinal Fusion is a major surgical procedure and takes several hours. The purpose of this procedure is to alleviate debilitating back pain. In this spinal intervention, two or more vertebrae are permanently connected to each other becoming one unit. A bone graft is utilized, and is often removed from the patient’s pelvic bone. Implants made from metal will support the vertebrae until new bone is generated. The patient will no longer have any movement between the involved vertebrae.

In some cases, the spinal fusion procedure has to be repeated, sometimes years later. Nerve damage can also occur and may result in the loss of strength and/or sensations in the legs, or worse. This kind of spinal correction changes the dynamics of the way the spine is meant to move, and places an inordinate amount of pressure and strain on the vertebrae above and below the area of fusion. Apollo Implants has developed a unique “Injectable Spinal Disc” technology which involves a minimally invasive procedure in which the spine is mechanically stabilized from within, thus maximizing the patient’s existing range of motion. This remarkable new procedure preserves the natural spinal structures while providing significant advantages over currently available solutions.

Apollo Implants is seeking additional funding through several crowdfunding sources. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be part of medical history. Apollo’s Patented Technology will change the way spinal disc problems are corrected forever. Crowdfunding gives the public a chance to participate in ground-breaking new medical technology that they would normally never have access to. Everybody is invited to learn more at one of the crowdfunding campaigns shown below.

For complete information, please visit: Apollo Implants LLC… The Future of Spinal Disc Repair

To learn more about Apollo’s Crowdfunding Campaigns, stop by: Kickstarter, or Indiegogo


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