Lady Elizabeth Townsend receives Academia Award for her song ‘My King Jesus’

Lady Elizabeth Townsend is excited to receive the Academia Award for her melodious song ‘My King Jesus’. She takes pride in receiving the prestigious music award at the 2016 Akademia Gala Event, held in Los Angeles, California, which will prove to be a big step in her musical career. Acknowledging her achievement, Akademia Award mentions on their website, “Lady Elizabeth Townsend delivers a powerful and infectious song that shows off her personality and love for Jesus – sure to be a fan favorite among those who share her passion.”

She has won this award after a stringent voting process held by a panel of six judges that is constituted of former senior executives and industry veterans from some of the largest recording companies. Unlike the other awards that offer cash and prizes, the Akademia Award provides sales and marketing support to the winner which means it is a golden opportunity for Elizabeth to establish herself in the competitive music industry.

Akademia also mentioned that this award will mark the beginning of a robust campaign to market her song to a wider audience which will give her more recognition in the music industry. The organization will also help in promoting her song to various musical platforms such as the Berkshire Media Group radio stations, which seemed to be very impressed by her song ‘My King Jesus’.

Lady Elizabeth Townsend, a native of Washington State has begun her singing at an early age in her hometown in Yakima, Washington. She used to sing in a church with her sisters, called the voices of holiness under the director of their song leader Apostle Karon l Williams. Her love for music and poetry was also fostered by her mother, Mary Francis Marshall Williams, who played piano at the same church.

Elizabeth had her fair share of hardships in life including the time when she was diagnosed with Acute Thyroid disease which caused her to lose her voice. She quit her singing career and got into healthcare for the elderly while continued to write poetry. She went on to graduate from the University of Phoenix and finally won the battle against thyroid which enabled her to follow her passion for singing. Even though her voice was left hoarse and strained, she continued to praise the lord and through practice and strong will power, finally released music in 2012.

All these years of hardships and dedication paid off and led her to become the winner of the prestigious Akademia award which is a big milestone in her career. She has also topped the gospel radio charts, garnering over 2900 spins in the month of February which brought her to being nominated for the 2016 Rising Artist Award by Akademia.

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