Adjustable Multipurpose High Power Signal Jammer with 40 Meters Coverage

“Adjustable 16W High Power 8 Band GSM 3G 4G LTE WIMAX UHF VHF WiFi Cell Phone Jammer !”
The latest adjustable multipurpose 2g 3g 4g cell phone wifi uhf vhf signal jammer keep quite in home,office,examination room and churches and so on !

Is it possible to jam 2G 3G 4G cell phones, WIFI, and UHF VHF at the same time with one signal jammer? The 8 antennas multipurpose signal jammer makes it be possible, we can turn on all  or some buttons to wake them up, can turn up and down of the output power of each bands.

Sometimes, we have to stop cell phones in some place to keep quite, examination room and churches, for example. Yes, cell phone are not welcomed in such places and situations like that. After failed in persuading, we have to take action, such us, using a signal jammer to carry out our point. Just need a simple cell phone jammer can deal with the problem even with WIFI… But what we image now is, if there are some wireless walkie – talkie noising? It seems not enough and working for a simple cell phone jammer. So we took the factor into account when we designed the multipurpose jammer. This will be suitable for using in examination room, we all know the reason clearly so no need to repeat it.

This product that you are viewing here is the Adjustable 16W High Power 8 Band GSM 3G 4G LTE WIMAX UHF VHF WiFi Cell Phone Jammer, which is a high power multi-functional signal jammer which is designed with powerful ability and jamming functions and frequency bands at the same time.

This high power multi-functional signal jammer is designed with 8 antennas so that it can cut off the signals of Bluetooth Wifi GSM DCS PCS CDMA 2G 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax signals at the same time, it can block the UHF VHF signal also. And as designed with 16W high output power, so the jammer is also powerful as well, as the shielding range is up to 40 meters at most depending on the signal strength in the given area. Also the excellent design of the adjustable button so that this Adjustable 16W High Power 8 Band GSM 3G 4G LTE WIMAX UHF VHF WiFi Cell Phone Jammer also allow you to decide the jamming frequency bands and the jamming distance.

With the latest design and good cooling system with cooling fan inside, the working temperature of this device won’t be high so that the device can keep in good condition. Another big merit of this cell phone jammer is that you can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation. Apart from this, this device can be used in the car directly since owning a DC12V car charger, which is really convenient for the people who want to use such kind of device in their cars.

Besides as designed with excellent cooling system so that the 24/7 nonstop working goal can be easily reached as well. For more detailed specifications you can just have a look at the following content.

The signal jammer has a high 16w output power, so it forms a maximum 40 meters coverage. Certainly, we provide a customizing service, you may tell us what frequencies you want to jam and don’t,and output power of respective bands, we will do as you requested.

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