Chip Tuning On National Geographic

ZIPtuning is pleased to announce that we have participated as engine tuning expert in National Geographic’s Supercar Megabuild.

Supercar Megabuild is a show on National Geographic Channel with a pretty self-explanatory name. They take extraordinary cars and make them even better in every way possible. How?

The main man in Supercar Megabuild is design guru Afzal Kahn, the man behind massively popular and revered Kahn Design, a British-based company that has made a number of high-profile creations, including the stunning Vengeance. In Supercar Megabuild, however, he has hired two high-profile and very creative engineers, Ralph Hosier and Ranen Rudra, who help Mr. Kahn build cars for Supercar Megabuild. However, short deadlines and their free-thinking solutions are often met with distrust of Mr. Kahn, as it happened to be in the latest episode in which Ralph and Ranen decided to upgrade – a Porsche Panamera Hybrid.

Hybrid cars are most certainly not something that Afzal Kahn would choose, but Ranen and Ralph had a great reason for doing this. The target market for this project is China and their officials are offering incentives for eco-friendly cars. This is why Ralph and Ranen felt that a hybrid would be the best option. The problem with this for Mr. Kahn is that his creations are the absolute top of the industry in every respect and hybrids with a V6 rarely meet the performance standards of Kahn Design. But Ralph and Ranen had a secret weapon to make the Panamera a proper beast on wheels.

They turned to ZIPtuning. This is one of the rare places where they could get effective and reliable chiptuning for the Panamera Hybrid. Remapping technically advanced cars requires loads of experience and unprecedented expertise, and doing that for the ones with hybrid powertrains can be done only by the best. Hence – ZIPtuning. They have a proven track record with numerous hybrids they have successfully tuned, including the Panamera. Moreover, each remap is custom-made by dedicated and highly trained engineers after extensive testing. This is very important since every engine is different and this is the only way to make the car completely safe while providing significant power upgrades.

Before the upgrade the car boasted 308 hp and Ralph and Ranen hoped for about 15% more, about 50 hp. This would make the car noticeably faster and definitely good enough for Kahn Design. What they got is 364 hp, which is almost 20% more! The first road test made Ralph and Ranen stunned and sure that performance is something they do not need to worry about any more when they present Mr. Kahn with the car. The ZIP tuned Panamera Hybrid raced to 180 mph (290 km/h) and the performance upgrade made aerodynamics improvement necessary, since the stock settings were not good enough anymore.

Moreover, ZIPtuning came with another perk. It made the Panamera equivalent to the V8-powered version of the car in terms of performance, but also 20% more fuel efficient than that one.

All of this came from our Stage 1 upgrade for the Porsche Panamera Hybrid. The upgrade includes changes to the OEM ECU which altered the air flow, fuel injection and ignition, which in turn did wonders for its power rating, which rose by almost 20% and torque, which got a boost as well, but also provided more constant torque delivery over longer rpm range. Moreover, the top speed limiter was removed, which means that the performance upgrade will not only give perks for acceleration, but also at the top end.

This made Ralph, Ranen and Afzal Kahn more than satisfied, but we can offer far more to our regular customers. We have stages 2 and 3 for the Porsche Panamera Hybrid which can make it far more powerful than the styling, luxury and performance beast that the Kahn Panamera Hybrid became after the entire upgrade was finished. The stage 2 will add several intake and exhaust upgrades, as well as more OEM ECU software upgrades that come from the improved airflow, while the stage 3 goes completely mad, installing a larger turbocharger and adjusting software and other engine components to match the newly acquired power.

Kahn Design is a high-end designer who searches for top quality ingredients to deliver far more than standard cars can in terms of styling and performance and he used ZIPtuning as one of the quality ingredients for the Porsche Panamera Hybrid.

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