Expansive opportunity unveiled in the Middle East

NEW YORK, NY – 31 May, 2016 – Last week, 40 of the world’s foremost speakers on social media, the speaking industry and wellness topics converged in Internet City Dubai, for the Speak In Dubai Event.

Speak In Dubai is a fast-track opportunity for professional speakers to brand themselves, establish international credibility and in many cases, book on the spot future speaking engagements. The elite, invitation only events are led by speaker industry veterans, Mitch Carson and Ernesto Verdugo. The event happens twice per year and prospective candidates can apply at: production@theaskbonbonshow.com

Included in the event were multiple speaking engagements, branding photo shoot, creation of a professional sizzle reel, media appearances on multiple television networks, radio and print publications. What most of the attendees did not expect was the hunger for this type of information in this region, and the caliber of attendees in the audiences. In some instances there were royalty, industry leaders and heads of large global companies, scouting for talent. It was not uncommon for some of the speakers to come home at the end of the day having books future engagements in an elevator or taxi ride. “I knew this would be a tremendous opportunity to expand into the Gulf Region, however what I did not expect was the immediacy of the opportunities and the unlimited potential for business growth, said Bonnie Bruderer, CEO of BONON Networks, a television production and distribution network.

The event also featured famous speaker trainer Joel Bauer, who taught exclusive content, only available in his programs that sell for $30K, Rhonda Swan, branding expert from Freedompreneuer Academy, Perry Marshall, an American online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and author of several books, most notably the bestsellers Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

BONBON Networks will be producing multiple TV Shows and magazine articles about Speak In Dubai, featuring some of the speakers to include; Mitch Carson, Ernesto Verdugo, Jocelyn Jones, JeanMarc Berne, Dr. Hilda Malandano, Dr. Jay Goodbinder, Elizabeth Olagunju, Deedra Abboud and Christian Semlitsch, Brian Swan and Rhonda Swan, amongst others.

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