Himalayan Salt Products has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Himalayan salt products are trending in many categories this year.
Popular Himalayan Salt Products Now Available in Grocery, Gift & Speciality Categories

Salt Skill, health and wellness product manufacturer has partnered with Mr. Checkout to increase availability of high demand Himalayan salt products. 

Year after year, double digit growth of Himalayan salt products has made finding reputable suppliers challenging. In an effort to serve the market more efficiently, Salt Skill, Himalayan Salt Co. is partnering with Mr. Checkout distributors to ensure Himalayan salt products are accessible to retailers across the USA. With premium, educational packaging and top quality products, Salt Skill takes the lead in educating and motivating consumer purchases.

More Than Just Edible Salt In The Spice Isle 

As America finds itself in a health and wellness spending boom that is expected to continue through 2019, Himalayan salt products are increasingly sought after because they are perceived by consumers as a healthier, “back to nature” solution in many categories including: 

• Cosmetic / Body Care 

• Gift / Specialty 

• Grocery & Restaurant Supply:

• Home Decor / Himalayan Salt Lamps & Tea Lights

• Animal Wellness

“Himalayan edible salt has done well in the fringe health markets for the past 5 years, but during the last two years we have seen a mainstream surge in demand from retailers all over the country for products across many categories. Salt Skill in partnership with Mr. Checkout aims to make Himalayan salt more accessible, with best in class packaging, great pricing and of course our clean water charitable efforts that support our ethical and sustainable supply chain,” said Salt Skill CEO Kyle Dammann.

A look at Google Trends® search data reveals an exponential growth rate for search volume related to Himalayan salt. This is a clear indicator of increased product awareness & interest in the mind of the American consumer.
(Source: Google.com/Trends “Himalayan Salt”, April, 2016 )

Is this opportunity right for your business? 

The categories with the most potential are as follows: 

Grocery/Spice & Restaurant: Despite their presence up-scale grocery stores, many independent markets and medium sized chains have not yet capitalized on this opportunity. On top of that, health and quality focused restaurants are just waiting for the right opportunity, pricing and supply chain to keep their shakers full of the attractive pink crystals. Finally, kitchen specialty items like Himalayan salt grilling & serving plates make great specialty grocery items. This category still holds the most potential for growth as wellness spending is projected to continue to rise 15% through 2019*.
(*Source: Advantage Business Media, Oct, 2013)

Cosmetic / Body Care: Salt Skill’s fastest growing category is still very new, but has high growth potential. Their line of Himalayan soaks and scrubs are infused with essential oil formulas and are sought after for their skin rejuvenating properties. This line has been quietly gaining momentum over the last 18 months in retailers across the USA. With classy, spa quality packaging, these do well in gift, spa, up-scale grocery and fine retail. Our all natural, plant and mineral based soaks are very safe and are not to be confused with synthetic bath salts. Premium shelving is also available to maximize retail appeal. 

Home Decor: Himalayan salt lamps and tea lights are a very popular all year long. Supplies are consistent in non-Christmas periods, but we will likely sell out this holiday season. Please get your Christmas pre-orders in now. 

Gift & Specialty: From Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses, to grilling and serving salt planks, to our barrels of heated massage hearts for impulse purchase, the gift & specialty category is wide-open and ready for huge growth. Salt Skill is looking for some eager partners to grow this category aggressively in the next 6 months. 

With an emphasis on customer service, Salt Skill has programs to suit businesses of almost any size. If you are looking to increase sales by $1,000 to $10,000 per month contact Salt Skill today for programs, opportunities and pricing. 

About Salt Skill

Salt Skill, Himalayan salt Co. is committed to providing ethically sourced Himalayan salt which only comes from a remote location in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Founded in 2010, Salt Skill is advancing the industry by providing its customers with high quality Himalayan salt products, with best in class packaging at competitive pricing. Salt Skill attributes its rapid growth to meeting retailer and consumer expectations which has resulted in our brokers more easily acquiring premium shelf space with faster sell through and increased re-orders.

Press Contact 

Name: Kyle Dammann 

Mobile: 814-207-8838

Email: Info@SaltSkill.com 

Website: www.SaltSkill.com

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