Upcoming Barranquilla Port To Have Green PavMax Road Stabilization by RoadsMax

Leading Miami-based road stabilization company RoadsMax would be using green & superior PavMax road stabilization for the construction on Barranquilla Port. PavMax roads have shown tremendous strength & reduced road maintenance issues.

Miami, Florida – 31st May, 2016 – Leading Miami-based road stabilization manufacturer has bagged the contract of road stabilization with Rumie Constructora SAS Colombia of the much awaited Barranquilla Port through its superior ecological PavMax. A widely acknowledged long-term solution for soil stabilization, PavMax is 100% green, non-toxic & has been deployed on unpaved roads worldwide with tremendous success.

PavMax would be largely used for the construction on Barranquilla Port after a test approved by government public works in Columbia. Waiting in line is also PavMax road stabilization for Panama roads by an esteemed international construction company.

“We are glad to note that our PavMax has acquired the prestigious contract with Rumie Constructora SAS of the upcoming construction on Barranquilla Port. PavMax alters earth material properties to ensure superior road stabilization in comparison to any other kind of road treatment solution available in market today. It’s a unique green multi-enzyme product which is formulated to assist in premium workability, blend, binding & compaction of the soil. As its 100 percent natural, bio-degradable & non-toxic, it is safe for the roadside vegetation”, stated Eduardo Passo, the solo owner of the PavMax patent.

PavMax induces the beneficial cationic action that binds up dust particles strongly to ensure a dust-free environ. Application is easy and the standard water spraying equipments are adequate to apply PavMax. It assures an economical mode of enhancing soil strength & durability.

“Developed & proven through prolonged field testing, our PavMax is always a step ahead of other road stabilization solution given its additional advantages of being non-corrosive, non-toxic & environmentally safe for communities, road builders & ecology.”

PavMax covers a wide range of applications including haul roads, secondary roads, mine roads, municipal roads, construction sites, logging roads, dams, pond & lagoon liners, container yards, parking lots, runways and helipads, soil stabilization and so on.

“PavMax soil stabilizing solution uses marginal soil materials which reduce conventional reliance on pricey aggregates & gravels. While applied properly, PavMax will guarantee lower permeability for soil given enhanced soil stability that will lead to a more durable, harder road in dry & wet weather as well”, added in a leading spokesperson from the RoadsMax team.

PavMax has proved to reduce usual maintenance problems of the road like rutting, wash-boarding, potholing, heaving & dust. As it’s a super-concentrated solution, it promises a more cost-effective road treatment per mile or kilometer compared to other such products or the usual high maintenance expenses of the un-stabilized roads.

“PavMax improves engineering properties of the clay-rich soils. It comprises of a solid combo of enzymes, surfactants and electrolytes which altogether frees water from soil allowing it to get compacted in a denser state & alters clay to fuse it permanently together. Roads using PavMax have shown tremendous strength in spite of rainfall & allow haul traffic smoothly even in the wet weather situations. No wonder, mine roads all around are taking to PavMax to bypass shut down in rainy season.”

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