Gardeners Rejoice Over New Buyer’s Guide To Compost Bins

Princeton, NJ – With summer in full swing, those possessing a green thumb are outside, planting their yearly vegetables and flowers. For those planting, the need to have soft fertilizer on hand to help aid the growth of those plants is a necessity. Handmade compost is statistically healthier than that purchased at a local gardening store, but the issue of storage stops many gardeners from creating their own compost for the season. For those looking to get the best value out of their compost storage, there’s a new website which reviews several types of compost bins and tumblers, called For those unsure of the advantages to having a compost bin, or those overwhelmed by the sheer variety of tumblers and composters on the market, the website couldn’t have come at a better time.

The website starts out by listing some of the benefits to home composting, and what gardeners should look for in an ideal composting bin. But CompostBinHQ goes much farther than that. The website lists several leading compost bin options on the market with photos, names, and ratings. If price is a deciding factor in a person’s choice of compost bin, they can easily compare bins and tumblers in the same price range, giving them options they may not have known they had. Each bin or tumbler is given an overall review and description, followed by a list of pros and cons, and a bottom line that gives potential buyers an ultimate reason to purchase.

CompostBinHQ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and links from the site lead directly to Amazon, where potential buyers can be converted into real customers. In addition to offering those with a green thumb practical advice on composting bins and tumblers, the website offers a comprehensive list of composting tips and advice for novices and professionals alike. Composting is an easy way to recycle food scraps from a home and turn them into a healthy fertilizer, which can be easily used to grow vegetables and other plants in the spring, or to make the grass a little greener.

“I’ve always loved the idea of composting, the ability to recycle what’s basically garbage into something clean and edible,” explains Carrie Foreman, an avid gardener. “I’ve tried maybe a dozen compost bins over the years, replacing each with a different type when it needed replacing. I’ve had beens that worked and bins that didn’t, but I could never say which I preferred. CompostBinHQ gives me a way to compare several bins at once and to see what other people like or don’t like about them. And when I’m ready to make a purchase, clicking on the bin I want takes me right to an order page, eliminating all the searching and running around that I would normally do to find the bin I wanted.”

CompostBinHQ gives gardeners an up close look at various types of compost bins and tumblers on the market, including pros and cons and a bottom line on whether to buy or pass. In addition to this helpful information, the site also gives gardening and composting advice for gardeners in every stage of the hobby, from beginners to experts.

CompostBinHQ invites gardeners and composters alike to follow them on Twitter or to drop by their Facebook page for more tips and information on composting.

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