Flash Tactical Launches Site Devoted to Survival Gear and Tactical Flashlights

NEW YORKFlash Tactical launched today, offering outdoor enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals a selection of survival gear at affordable prices. In particular, the site offers a range of tactical flashlight options.  A tactical flashlight is smaller and more compact than a traditional flashlight but it provides a far brighter and more focused beam of light. In some cases, the tactical flashlight is shaped in ways that make it an effective self defense weapon as well.

“We offer a comprehensive guide to selecting the right tactical flashlight,” said a spokesperson for flashtactical.com. “There are a lot of options, many of them good – but everyone has their own particular tactical flashlight needs. We help you find what you really need at a great value.” 

The powerful tactical flashlight beam helps the user locate items or disorient a would-be attacker, either animal or human. The lights are popular in the military and law enforcement.  Some armies issue them as standard combat gear.  Tactical flashlights are made with a bezel, a metal piece that surrounds the lens of the flashlight. The bezel contains and protect the lens from damage. The lens provides a measure of control over how much light is emitted from the tactical flashlight. Some of the tactical flashlight kits offered on flashtactical.com include multiple lenses. The light sources include LED, Xenon and Halogen. 

The site is now offering the J5 Tactical V1-PRO, Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight and EcoGear FX. Flashtactical.com describes how each model fits with different survival uses. Each product offers a value for money unique for selected use cases. The site also offers assessments of each light’s durability, brightness, beam distance, water resistance and impact resistance. 

For more information, visit flashtactical.com

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