Father of He Memory Evaluation System – He Lei from China

The group of people with the best memory around the world must be Chinese. At the other side of the earth, Chinese children are faced with a large number of learning contents requiring memory. For instance, China has a history of 5,000 years; moreover, they also need to spend a lot of time in memorizing history of the world.

The quantity of writings in classical Chinese is unimaginable, and they still have to study English from childhood. According to statistics, the memory capacitance of China’s education and study is several times or even decades of times more than that of Western education.

Father of He Memory Evaluation System – He Lei from China

In the west of China, a common Chinese named HE Lei has maximized such memory. “HE memory evaluation criteria” proposed by him, also known as HMEC, conducts two-way evaluation on human memory ability and practical application ability. HE Lei is praised as father of HE memory evaluation criteria by Western media.

“HE memory evaluation criteria” can be divided into “basic standard of memory” (also known as BSM) and “memory use standard” (also known as MUS). “Basic standard of memory”, i.e. basic skill of memory, is evaluated through the complete system; however, more attention is paid to “memory use standard”, i.e. the application of memory in practice, including several learning directions in great need of memory such as language study, study of writings in classical Chinese, historical study, geography study, chemistry study, etc.

HE standard memory evaluation system proposed by “father of HE memory evaluation criteria, HE Lei” is an effective evaluation mode with principles formed after a group of successors summarized and extracted their experience; it is a kind of sublimation from individuality to generality, and aims to help different people achieve success. If such education mode can be developed and generalized, it will benefit countless students and generate a huge social value!

The practical significance of HE memory evaluation criteria is to remind us of paying more attention to “learning style and method”. In the future, the innovation road of China’s education is based on our new understanding about brain potentials. How can we reform and create the education and training mode to satisfy the desire of different groups for memory ability? Owing to the information era, modern people become lazier and lazier in memorization. Thoroughly depending on IT technology, some people are even accustomed to memorizing nothing. It is the time for us to deeply reflect on such phenomenon. We hope that HE Lei in China can bring about enlightenment to us.

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