The Barre Pocatello Expands to Meet Skyrocketing Demand

If you have ever seen a ballet dancer perform, you have probably been amazed at their strength, flexibility and coordination. While few people have the natural ability to perform ballet on the stage, almost everyone can benefit from their fitness routine. This is the inspiration for the Barre fitness program, one of the most popular new fitness systems which incorporates the barre (or bar) to help perform isometric exercises.

The Barre Pocatello has brought this low impact, high intensity fitness program to Pocatello, Idaho, and the local community has embraced it. The explosive popularity of Barre classes has forced the studio to expand its facilities and increase the number of classes. Classes are taught by fitness experts with advanced degrees in Yoga, Pilates, Exercise Science and Ballet. These outstanding instructors have fostered a fun, comfortable environment that caters to the health needs of individuals.

Demand for Barre programs is ramping up rapidly in Pocatello, but the cost of expanding the city’s only Barre studio is prohibitively high. That is why the Barre Pocatello has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo to raise the $15,000 needed for construction and program expansion. In return for your generous support, you can receive perks like T-shirts, car stickers, shoulder bags, Yoga pants or six months’ membership to the Barre Pocatello.

To learn more about the Barre Pocatello, or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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