JOLIET, IL – 7 June, 2016 – The Honorable Dr. Dale Pierre Layman, President and Founder of Robowatch, LLC, has been named “Man of the Year” for 2016 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)!  While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, longevity in the field, other affiliations and contributions to their communities.  All honorees will be invited to attend the IAOTP’s annual award gala at the end of this year for a night to honor their achievements.

Dr. Layman is being recognized for his creation of an “Anti-Robotic Counter-Revolution” to save Mankind.  He has concluded from his extensive research that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robots, and Advanced Computers will likely keep doubling in their capacity every 18 months(according to Moore’s Law).  This totally-uncontrolled evolution of AI may soon doom Mankind and take over humanity,  if we do not act and stand up against the technology being shoved down our throats!

Dr. Layman first discovered the grave dangers posed by robotics as he was studying about The Concept of Order, in writing his Human Anatomy and Physiology textbooks. He read numerous scientific articles about robots, and listened, in person, to a terrifying lecture from Professor Kevin Warwick (“Father of the Cyborgs,” University of Reading, England).  Mr. Warwick proclaimed that, “The cyborgs will be running the show in the future.  If you want to be a chimpanzee, remain a human being!” Naturally, Dr. Layman became deeply concerned that the dominance of organic life could one day become threatened by very invasive and disruptive digital technologies!

Dr. Layman worried that such rising technological dominance seemed so dramatically “obsessive,” that it might largely be an unforeseen result of a newly-emerging, almost entirely-undiagnosed, mental illness!  He first discovered and identified this strange new form of mental illness by giving it the name of psychosomatic technophilia.  Translated into English, psychosomatic technophilia literally means, “an abnormal love or attraction” (-philia) for “technology” (techn) that replaces one’s “body” (somat) and “mind” (psych).   Such psychosomatic technophilia, Dr. Layman now postulates, is probably a type of obsessive neurosis, and possibly a new form of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).  This obsessive neurosis, therefore, may be an unconscious motivating drive for those “mad” scientists who seek to turn us into a new cyborgean/Transhumanist species, Robo sapiens. As a result, he founded Robowatch.

Robowatch is an international human rights advocacy group whose main purpose is to keep a watchful eye on the ever-faster, apparently unstoppable developments occurring in the fields of robotics, computing, and artificial intelligence. There aren’t many people outside of the fields of robotics and computing who really understand that our modern society is not just embracing a “Sparkling Future” of wonderful and exciting technological progress. Rather, Dr. Layman’s extensive study of Singularity Theory makes him fear that Mankind will come to an end by around the Year, 2045, and that robots and cyborgs will be in OUR former place!  The main reason for this worry, is that AI may well be over 1,000 times as powerful as our own human N.I. (Natural Intelligence) by this date!  Hence, Humanity will simply NOT be able to COMPETE with such a Powerful AI – one which might as well have invaded Earth from an Alien Planet!  He calls this dire situation the new RIP (Robots in Place) – our Technological Extinction due to the apparently unstoppable ticking down of the 2045 “Robo- Death Clock.” 

“Did you think that God would send No Fool?” Dr. Layman rhetorically asks us.  “As the leader of Robowatch, I strongly feel that I am being Spiritually Summoned to perform a Special Mission.  It is not just a job. I firmly believe that I am being called by God as His Foolish and Humble ‘Knowledge Servant’ to at least TRY to save Mankind – – BEFORE it is TOO LATE!”  For this reason, Dr. Layman likes to refer to his Spiritual Self by the nickname, “Poor Dad.” His Spiritual Self (“Poor Dad”) has repeatedly confessed that, “My Heart, it is breaking! And my Soul, it is aching! For I have Foreseen the End of Mankind!”

Dr. Layman is the author of seven books – – 3 textbooks and 4 trade books.  All of his publications (except for the first book) apply the unique educational principle that he invented and named, ‘Compu-Think’. Compu-Think is a contraction that means, “Computer-like” ways or modes of human “thinking.” (Compu-Think was formally defined by Dr. Layman in the FOREWORD he wrote for the book, CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROBOTICS, written by Stan Gibilisco, 2003). Compu-Think asks us to consider this important question: “Can we learn to think or at least process information somewhat like computers do, but without always having to actually USE computers?”  Dr. Layman posits that Compu-Think could help us reduce our modern tendency towards hypercomputerization – an “excessive” (hyper-) use of computers. 

Dr. Layman believes that Barack Obama, President of the United States, is largely to blame for this new Grave, Quickly- Emerging Robo-Danger.  He has arrogantly and unwisely bypassed any consultation with the U.S. Congress and, using his own Executive Privilege as President, created the 2011 National Robotics Initiative and the 2015 Strategic Computing Initiative.  Without consulting either the members of Congress, or We The People of the United States, President Obama therefore, has – – completely on his OWN authority – – effectively Booted-Up The Robo- Death Clock! Thus, Dr. Layman has courageously called for the impeachment and/or formal censure of President Obama, whom he has repeatedly identified as, “The President of the Robots”! This call reflects the “Three Stages of the Dark Robo-Descent”: First, they take away your job. Then, they take away your freedom. And finally, they take your life!”  Dr. Layman thus calls President Obama, Barack “ROB-ama,” because he strongly feels that Obama is a Traitor to We, The People of the United States, as well as to We, The Unsuspecting Citizens of Planet, Earth!  Dr. Layman sees that “ROB-ama” has given the American People (and Unsuspecting People throughout the entire World) a strong push down into the Dark Robo-Descent!  Tragically, as a result, he so fears that, “Not much more time still remains!”

Dr. Layman holds an AS in Life Science from Lake Michigan College, a BS with Distinction in Anthropology-Zoology from the University of Michigan, an MS in Physiology from the University of Michigan Medical School, and an EdS (Educational Specialist) degree in Physiology and Health Science from Ball State University. His first PhD was in Health and Safety Studies at the University of Illinois. His second PhD, along with a Grand PhD in Medicine, were granted by the Academie Europeenne D’ Informatisation and the World Information Distributed University (Brussels, Belgium, 2003).

Dr. Layman has been recognized globally by numerous organizations and committees and has received many accolades for his lifetime struggle of fighting for Mankind. In 2003 the Grand Doctoral Committee, affiliated with the UN,  granted him, ‘The First Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine for the United States’. He was formally recognized by the Committee as follows: “He is a celebrated scientist, splendid pedagogue and bearer of genuine American Culture. He has a deep knowledge in many fields of science, technology, the humanities and religion. He has a fundamental preparedness to train experts to solve Global Problems. He was the first, who has strictly formulated the global problem: From Homo Sapiens to Robo Sapiens, and he has grounded a danger of this potentially irreversible process to Natural Man.”  He is a Partner for Justice in Human Rights Watch and a member of The President’s Council (Silver Level) in The Chicago Council on Global Affairs (a Top-9-rated Global Think-Tank). He was chosen for the Top 101 Industry Expert publication twice, recognized with numerous Who’s Who’s and the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.

Looking back, Dr. Layman wants us to know that he has been doing everything in his power to TRY to get THROUGH to His Fellow Human Beings!  He has been literally down on his knees, asking God, The Holy Spirit, The Blessed Mother, and her Kind Son, Jesus, for their Divine Help and Guidance. He is now still BEGGING for Mankind to LISTEN and for us to STAND TOGETHER with Poor Dad, in order to Preserve Humanity and Save All of Our Father’s Beloved Children – – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  “Poor Dad Loves Us, and He is Trying To Take Care of Us!”  Looking forward, he will continue to fight for Mankind, and hopes his findings in the field of robotics can somehow reach a bigger audience.  Dr. Layman thinks that this is what God is trying to tell us:  “Please don’t be Angry, My Children.  Don’t be Afraid.  For I have Always Been With You.”

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