Pest control gives an indepth look at Carpenter ants being the most common and destructive pests in the Seattle area.

“Note the large ant without wings, that’s called a “major”. The ants are close to 1/2” in size. If able to watch the hole in the wood, it would be possible to see workers throwing excavated wood, insect parts and dead ants out.”
Carpenter ants establish satellite nests in structural wood in areas such as the roof trim, siding, rafters, joists, sheathing, decks, porches, steps, sills, subflooring, doors and window frames. Also inside hollow areas, like hollow doors or small voids produced during construction. Most often, establish nests in areas of the structure where the wood is moist or has been damaged.

Carpenter ants nest in wood by burrowing into damp areas. The ants don’t care about the wood for food, but just excavate to make room to nest in the wood. Carpenter ants are most active after nightfall in the Spring through early Fall.

The species of local carpenter ant in Seattle and the surrounding metro area such as:Tacoma,Federal way,Everett,Desmoines,Kirkland,Bothell,Issaquah,Samammish,Woodinville,Carnation,Kent, Burien,Bellevue,and Renton, is large and black with reddish legs. But also have a species that is black and red in the middle. The reproducing carpenter ants have wings, much like termites. Colonies, which can contain up to 10,000 ants divided among numerous nests, are composed of a main nest housing the queen and multiple satellite nests.

Signs of a carpenter ant infestation may include sawdust, rustling sounds in the walls, tunnels and galleries in wood structures, and trails of the ants. However, it’s entirely possible to have an ant problem and not realize it until major damage has been done.

Prevention of carpenter ant infestation:

Frequently inspection of wooden structures for moisture or rot. Remove piles of leaves from around foundations and keep trees trimmed away from the house. Make sure that any openings where pipes or wires enter the structure of the house are tightly sealed. Caulk any cracks in foundations. Also, be sure to fix leaky plumbing or gutters as soon as possible to keep wood dry and inhospitable to the ants.

Seattle damp weather is ideal for carpenter ants:

Due to Seattle’s damp conditions, carpenter ants are prevalent. Ants may find a way into the home in Seattle, Bellevue, or any of the surrounding king county areas, even after taking these measures. An initial treatment with periodic follow-ups will help protect the home and provide a much needed barrier against carpenter ant infestation. Treating before the ants invade is much more economical than waiting until there is a full-blown colony creating structural damage.

Carpenter ant control in the Seattle Area:

If the owner or tenant is currently battling a carpenter ant infestation in Seattle, AM Pest Control professionals can locate and treat the main colony and satellite colonies. The only way to fully destroy an ant infestation is to eliminate each nest and the main colony. Otherwise, ants from the main colony will re-colonize areas that have been previously cleared. Carpenter ants are typically eliminated by injecting products into the wall voids and applying a perimeter barrier treatment to the exterior base of the structure. In already infested homes, treating the foundations is crucial in carpenter ant control.

Carpenter ants cause damage to homes:

The ants are the most commonly encountered wood destroying insects in the Northwest. The pests are responsible for damage to thousands of homes each year. The damage can be limited to a fence post or it can be extensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair one house. Therefore, it is important to protect homes and other structures from these destructive pests and a Pest Control company like AMPM can get the job done.

Where carpenter ants can be located:

Importantly, carpenter ants only rarely traverse through the interior of a structure. Unfortunately, people may think there is not a problem because of not seeing the ants insid but carpenter ants nest in wall voids and other structural framing and forage outdoors for food. This leaves many people with a false sense of security, thinking there is not an infestation problem. But the carpenter ants continue to thrive within the walls and farming causing destruction over time.Carpenter Ants may cause havoc on homes or businesses.

When the infestation is discovered call AM Exterminators for your pest control needs. AmPm Exterminators serves the Greater Seattle Area.Professional technicians provide pest control services for the ant infestation. AmPm technicians will make every effort to locate any existing Carpenter ant colonies nesting within the home as well as nesting sites in trees, stumps, woodpiles or outbuildings on the property. In addition, the technicians will provide a written report detailing nesting sites and points of entry as well as alert the client to conditions conducive to Carpenter ant infestations.

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