Crossing River Studios Receives Amazing Testimonial

Crossing River Studio, based in Columbus, Ohio is known among its valued customers as a studio that has the unique capability to translate the clients’ visions into spellbinding videos that powerfully communicate the client’s message. Not only this, clients love that the Crossing River Studios team has amazing marketing skills and knowledge which they transfer to their clients, teaching them how to market the video via Facebook and YouTube. Over the many years of service, the company has earned shining testimonials from their patrons. Recently, they received an amazing video testimonial which details why Crossing River Studios are the best choice for video design in Columbus.

The testimonial was from Dr. Matt Howe from Intrinsic Care, talking about what their company wanted to achieve with a professionally made video for their business, Dr. Howe said: “Our wish was to create a video because we wanted to really leverage our branding and we wanted it to be more than just a pretty brochure hanging on a web space. We wanted to be live, interactive, something where people could actually see us in action, get to know us and also get to know real life people who are involved in what we are doing, and that is something you only see in videos.”  

Producing a great video is only one aspect of what Crossing River does, teaching imperative marketing techniques through Facebook and YouTube is what really allows Crossing River’s clients to improve their visibility and get their message across to a larger audience more effectively. For clients that want the marketing aspect handled professionally, the company offers video marketing services. The Crossing River Studios spokesperson further said: “Making the Video Production process simple is what we do. Whether you have a complex video to create or a simple video to create. We have all the resources you need to create a compelling video to reach the people you want to connect and do business with. Not only do we create the video, we do the production and show you how to market your finished video.”

In his testimonial, Dr. Howe further added: “Crossing River made it really easy by just taking a mass amount of information, hours of video, interviews, and all that and distilled it down into this beautiful nugget that is not only capturing the essence of our brand but is also emotionally moving as well. I have worked with people before who have done video design but with no marketing leverage and no ability to know how to take it into the world. Working with Crossing River not only did they create this powerful, emotionally moving branding story, but they also show how to easily leverage it to build momentum.”

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Crossing River Studios offer superior Video Production services in Columbus, Ohio and all over the Mideast. Our studio works with businesses and individual clients to produce gorgeous, quality videos for marketing and posterity.

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