UNIVISION anchors join cast of Feature Film about Immigration Reform in “THE DREAM” (EL SUENO)

Captivating Feature Film Debuts in 4 U.S. Cities

MIAMI, FLORIDA – 8 June, 2016 – Award-winning Director, Producer, Founder of Miami Web Fest US Army Veteran Bryan Thompson, and El Paso native Humberto Castro, tell the story of two young immigrants chasing the American dream in the gripping feature film THE DREAM (EL SUENO), released in theaters on May 26, 2016, featuring two UNIVISION anchors acting in the film.

EL SUENO arrives at a time of heightened scrutiny and awareness of immigration reform due to political stances by U.S. presidential candidates, as well as the Dream Act Legislation. EL SUENO, follows two young Mexican immigrants as they struggle to realize the American Dream that has appealed to so many generations. The 87-minute narrative feature film had its world premiere on May 26, 2016 in El Paso, Texas to sold out crowds. The next showing will be June 10th at the Flamingo Theater in Miami, Florida, then on July 14th at the Avalon Theater in Washington D.C.

The film shows the impact that the Dream Act would have on two young immigrants, whose parents are killed by anti-immigrant extremists at the border. The two strive to make moral decisions in light of temptations and social pressures, including drugs, prostitution, and gang violence. The film also features acclaimed weatherman Aldo Acosta, who plays a border patrol agent, as well as anchor Adriana Lopez of Univision appearing as herself.

Thompson, who’s previous credits include the award-winning independent film NOVENTA and web series THE CELL, spoke about the importance of a film like EL SUENO at this critical point in time: “I believe the proposition of providing a path to citizenship for those who arrived in the country as children, completed high school, and have no criminal record is undeniably fair and will ultimately serve to strengthen our nation.”

For more information on EL SUENO, visit www.dreamactnow.org

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