New Bestseller delves into one Mother’s struggle to understand and help her Millennial son.

Millennials In Crisis – Mental Health Eroding!

Denver, Colorado – June 09, 2016 – Mental illness, and anxiety in particular, is increasing among Millennials and their Generation Z successors at an alarming rate. Escape from Dark Places: Guideposts to Hope in an Age of Anxiety & Depression focuses on the rising levels of anxiety and depression in young people and what parents, grandparents, mentors, and church leaders can do to help.

Escape from Dark Places shares a mother’s journey to find answers to her son’s anxiety and depression. Her discoveries offer a new framework for action that will empower moms and others often sidelined from the recovery process to help young people manage their mental disorders and thrive. The honesty by which each shares their individual experience enables a view into dark places from both generational perspectives. The journey for answers reveals how the loss of tradition and the massive societal, political, and spiritual change initiated by globalization and the technology explosion created the disconnects that threaten the mental and spiritual health of upcoming generations.

“Adolescents and young adults are struggling,” states Watkins. “Like my son, they seem confident, but in reality they are lonely and isolated, they do not have a strong sense of self, they are easily frustrated, and they have unrealistic expectations of themselves and those around them. I wrote this book because it pains me to stand by and watch them struggle when there are practical steps we can take to improve their emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.”

The author states the hard facts, which reveal the astounding statistics and attitudes surrounding mental disorders and the nonmedical use of prescription drugs. Then, relying on her expertise in training and change management, she proceeds to explore the controversial questions: What causes anxiety and depression? And how do we reverse the trend and stop the stigma? She makes a convincing case that living in the twenty-first century postmodern world has a tremendous impact on health, and the argument elicits a call to action that is both convincing and motivating.

“A riveting, revealing, and relevant approach to unlocking the paradoxes of the millennial mindset. The book is an inspiring and insightful tool that compels you to seek and share better ways of living a healthier and more fulfilling life.” — G.D. Cannon, Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws in International Law (LLM), and College Football All American.

Ambra Watkins is a Boomer mom intrigued by the Millennial generation. She is concerned for trophy-kids whose high expectations crashed into the reality of an economic downturn and for parents who are trying to help them find purpose in the postmodern world.

Author and speaker Ambra Watkins is a training and change expert with an MA and a PMP certification who provides tools for intergenerational dialogue that empower young people to triumph over anxiety and depression.

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