Latest Utility Program Satodi Aiming to Change The World With Easy Uninterrupted Slogging

New-age utility program Satodi is recently launched online to assure seamless uninterrupted slogging for free and slogs by Satodi users cannot be modified, deleted or rewritten by the website owners.

Moscow, Russia – 13th June, 2016 – Freedom of expression is the basic human right that allows questioning or commenting on the existing order for better. When it comes to voicing one’s opinion over the internet commenting or slogging is the way yet in usual circumstances any day webmasters can delete those comments if they appear to question their modules or ways- but not anymore. Latest utility program Satodi is here to change the world with easy uninterrupted slogging that website owners can’t delete.

The recently launched Satodi website enables one to slog his opinion on any site & read slogs posted by others. The company assures free slogging online for anybody.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new utility program Satodi that champions freedom of speech & expression through unhindered slogging on the internet websites. Our goal here is to assure your valued slogs are always ‘over’ the sites and with us backing you, site owners would have no authority to modify or delete your slogs. In fact, they can’t ban or block your slogs as they can with ‘comment option’ at their websites,” stated a leading spokesperson from Satodi while announcing about the launch of the utility program.

To slog with Satodi, the user would need to install Satodi Chrome or Firefox browser extension to check whether the chosen webpage or website has slogs or not. If it does not have slogs, the user can happily post his first slog there. In case, there are slogs, the user can read them & then post his one.

“We inspire you to be fearless with your thoughts and opinions because we cannot change the existing order for better if we don’t raise our voices (read slogs here). Moreover, as Satodi eliminates the power of website owners and moderators to delete or remove or rewrite your slogs as our registered user – it’s even easier now to make a statement with your bold slogs and motivate others to do the same.”

The specialty of Satodi is that a Satodi slogger can even slog on the password-guarded social networking accounts that do not offer “comment” option.

On further approach another spokesperson from Satodi stressed that one Satodi account can help the users to comment on every website. When one is a registered Satodi slogger, he won’t need to register with all the tons of websites where he wishes to slog. The users can login into their Satodi account with their Google+ or Facebook account.

“If you are looking to know whether it’s legal to slog anywhere with us, we can assure you that we are here with a completely legal solution. We are free but still it would be good if you register with us because the unregistered users would just get the read-only mode- to slog actively with Satodi, you have to be our registered user,” the second spokesperson added in.

To install Satodi and enjoy seamless slogging, please visit

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Company Name: Satodi
Contact Person: Dmitry Salnikov
Phone: +7 (926) 610-20-80
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation