Airwheel C5 Bluetooth custom motorcycle smart helmets cuts a figure in risk taking

After releasing the six major series of intelligent self-balancing scooters or skateboards, Airwheel has achievement in intelligent helmet. C5 Bluetooth helmet is seen as the latest move by the leading intelligent vehicle supplier tech giant with the function of intelligently collecting and capturing data or images and answering phones calls.

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To get rid of boring and lonely travelling, you can enjoy the joyous moment through wearing C5 Bluetooth helmet, the latest move by the first-class intelligent vehicle supplier tech giant. First thing first, it protects your head. Furthermore, it has many other functions you don’t know.

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The C series intelligent helmets integrate the sportsmanship into product. With no doubt, intelligent self-balancing scooters or skateboards are prevailing in the market. Their popularity also drives the development of intelligent helmet. The smart helmet can be applied into outdoor activities. It isn’t an ordinary helmet any more, but miraculous protective clothing that is capable of recording your sports environment and amazing conditions.

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Where there are outdoor activities, especially Extreme sports activities, there are risks and dangers. At this time, C5 Extreme sports helmet is very useful. From the first glance, you may think it has no difference with normal helmet but after you have a try for it, you will feel in a fantastic world. For the motion visual field that you cannot observe or capture through your eyes, the 150° view-shed accompanying camera lens can do; the micro speaker can sound arousing music in your long journey; the app interconnection helps you transmit the breathtaking scenes so that you can share them with others.

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Nevertheless, each of you must have prepared to bear the risk and the result it may cause for an adventure. Each moment recorded in the camera perhaps is the first step you move forward in risk-taking. In such a dangerous journey, you will fear nothing since you have the considerate C5 cool street bike intelligent helmets. The shell made of Makrolon and with the imported foaming EPS inside it, together with the excellent spanner band is the feature distinguished from ordinary sports helmets.

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With the effective protection of Airwheel C5 in risk-taking, it will become much easier to share the joyfulness with your friends.

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