Creators of Carlos Almaraz Documentary Bring Film To Life Through IndieGoGo

An indie film about the life and art of Carlos Almaraz

Echo Park, United States – June 14, 2016 – Filmmakers of Carlos Almaraz Documentary launched an IndieGoGo campaign seeking community support to raise $150,000. The film chronicles the life of this extraordinary American master artist and his impact on the Chicano Art Movement. Funds raised will help complete the full-length production. 

Carlos is most famously known for his “Car Crash” and “Echo Park” paintings. This artwork was so brilliant that it has been displayed in many international museums and one of the Car Crash painting even made an appearance in the first Terminator movie. 

“Carlos’ car crashes effect me most – the collision the impact their peacefulness in the moment – I can hear his paintings and they shake me with vibrations and ultimately indict me because I cannot and will not look away… That’s a strangely wonderful power for a canvas to have. A rare dialogue usually associated w movies. Cinematic. Epic. Almaraz.”
 – Director Richard Montoya

The project is led by filmmaker Richard Montoya (Water & Power), artist/co-director, Elsa Flores Almaraz, and veteran producer, Mark Roberts (Strangers with Candy). Audiences throughout the world will be able to experience the intimate untold story of Carlos Almaraz. His challenges, the demons, the struggles, the travels, the explorations through sexuality and art movements around the globe. A new and essential perspective shares the artist’s full dimensionality in his often humorous voice. There is finally a complete view of the complex man, artist, activist, husband, and father. 

An influential participation cast was brought together to demonstrate how much positive impact that Carlos has created in his life. Legendary American labor leader and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta; Actor Edward James Olmos; Musician Zacharias Manuel “Zack” de la Rocha; and Actor Cheech Marin will all read directly from Carlos’ historic manifesto along with sharing their personal remembrances about him. 

For more details about the film, visit the IndieGoGo campaign. Click here to make a contribution. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will by August 2017. 

“Painting is an illusion. It’s a picture that someone makes. It’s a window to something that may or not be real. It’s there and it’s as real as anything else at the time that you’re viewing it.”
 ~ Carlos Almaraz 

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