Tribute Song Supports Charity for Dependents of Firemen Killed in the Line of Duty

Suited Records announces the release of their newest song and video, “The Fireman”, a tribute song for the 343 firemen killed on 9/11.

As September 11th draws near we realize that another year has passed since those terrible events occurred in 2001. Each year for thirteen years we have remembered those that lost their lives, and everyone whose lives were altered dramatically from that day forward.

Suited Records has produced a track called “The Fireman” which remembers not just those that were in the Towers the day of the attack, but also those brave men in uniform that went in to try to save the victims. 343 firemen perished in the collapse that day.

“We must remember the tragic events and all who suffered on that 9/11 day and afterwards” states Roy Cooper, owner of Suited Records “but, the firemen where not at the Twin Towers by circumstance or chance, they were there by choice and they paid with their lives.”

The song starts out at the 9/11 Remembrance wall that has been erected on the FDNY building to remember and honor those firemen. A mother sits and touches her son’s name on the wall and remembers him, his life, and how he dreamed of being a fireman since he was a child. The song continues to the haunting truth: “343 brothers perished on that day because duty dedication and honor was their chosen way”.

As with other releases from Suited Records, a percentage of the proceeds from “The Fireman” sales will be donated to a designated charity. In this case, to fit with the theme and message of the song, donations will be made to charities that support families of firemen killed in the line of duty or injured at work.

“The Fireman” can be found on Suited Records website where the song can be heard, downloaded, and the video can be watched.

Suited Records is an independent music label that launched in June of 2014. It is run by veteran musician, Roy Cooper, who has been making songs and music videos for over 30 years and now dedicates his career to making a positive change. Suited Records releases cover a wide range of subjects and themes. More information can be found at

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