Beloved Musician, Lisa V. White, is Recording New Album, “River of Rock”

Veteran musician and celebrated guitarist, Lisa V. White is currently recording ten to 12 new tracks for her upcoming album “River of Rock.” Lisa’s current band is Rolling Circus, and she has been a member of numerous other groups including Toxic Shock. “River of Rock” will feature accompaniment by many acclaimed musicians including drummer Clyde Stubblefield on “What Do You Say” and Jon French (drummer for Curtis Mayfield) on “Close the Final Door.” Lisa also enlisted Roger Fisher, formerly part of the acclaimed group Heart, to help write the lead single and perform it with her.

“River of Rock” is the latest and most appealing of Lisa’s many celebrated albums.  In addition to working with many of the music industry’s most recognized stars and producers, Lisa has released commercially successful albums like “Facets of Me”. “The Wildness of Her Nature”, which has become the “River of Rock”, will feature bassist Sherry Iles, Bob Geiger, Jeff Lisk and Tim Faupl.  Rumor has, Mr. Charlie Brooks (Motown recording artist) will  contribute to this project. 

Ms. White has drawn on her enormous love for groups like Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Vixen to create a truly stunning new musical masterpiece.

Although “River of Rock” is destined to join the pantheon of great rock albums, the production process is yet to be completed.  To help pay for studio time, mastering, cover design and promotion, Lisa has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  Fans and rock enthusiasts who contribute to this important and historic project may receive perks including, signed albums, producer credits, T-shirts, autographed photos and a personalized mp3 recording. To learn more about Lisa V. White or “River of Rock,” or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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