Digital Medicine: Emerging Billion Dollar Business and eSiddha Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign to get it Started

There’s no argument from most people that the idea of treating all health issues with chemical solutions is far from an ideal approach. Breakthrough company eSiddha understand this well – having created the first digital medicine app, that combines breakthrough technology with the subtle energy work of Sri Pranaji and they have announced an exciting crowdfunding campaign to bring it to market.

June 15, 2016 – Many insiders and experts believe very powerfully the future of wellness and vibrant health lies in the realm of digital medicine – where things like DigiMed apps are able to deliver a combination of image and audio to effect a user’s subtle energy body in a positive way, with clear results.  Opening the doors is eSiddha, who recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring to market the eSiddha DigiMed app from acclaimed leader in the world of subtle energy work Sri Pranaj.  Excitement surrounding the campaign is high and the crowdfunding campaign is off to a quick start.

“We are completely confident in the power of digital medicine as delivered by Sri Pranaj to transform lives in a remarkable number of ways,”  commented a spokesperson from eSiddha.  “Considering how many problems stem from the dangerous chemicals which are often used to treat even mild health concerns, we have no doubt digital medicine can change the way people think about embracing vibrant health.  Our Indiegogo campaign is one of the starting points of what some experts think will be a trillion dollar industry, and there’s no one with better credentials than Sri Pranaj to be leading this drive.”

According to eSiddha, the process the DigiMed app uses is both natural and safe.  A proprietary process is used to capture the desired wellness benefits energy signature, to deliver this energy matrix to a glass of water place within its active field of influence and then, finally, the user drinks the energized water to begin feeling these wellness benefits in their own energy patterns which influence positively their body, mind and spirit.  To show complete confidence in their approach and product, eSiddha are short on claims, but very large on demonstrations – encouraging users to see first hand the results, something which has been almost universally praised.

The Indiegogo campaign to bring eSiddha DigiMed to market has set a goal of $25,000.  Donations of $30 and above earn the donor various subscription times to the eSiddha downloads, surely a value, along with the knowledge they are helping to bring to life a historic moment in technology and in the acceptance of subtle energy work – two things almost sure to make the world a better place.

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