Jenna Milano hits another home-run with her latest musical release “FIRE”!!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – 6/15/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — For the past eighteen months, Jenna Milano’s career has been in musical overdrive. Her first single “Electric,” released independently, became an instant international success in Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. The Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of Jenna Milano were flooded with positive feedback, DJ support, and an organic following. The single has earned over 50,000 streams on Spotify, strong iTunes sales globally, and continues to flood the airwaves in nightclubs and radio stations throughout the country.

“Electric” is currently airing in more than 15 radio markets and remains in high demand. Riding the success of this radio smash hit, Team Jenna went back into the studio and cooked up another banger: “FIRE.” One of the coolest factors about Jenna Milano’s writing style is her ability to infuse raw lyrics with real-life experience of the culture. Jenna’s track “FIRE” is a new-age classic-pop record and is fueled by an 80s signature sound. “FIRE” details the emotions, vibe, and overall feeling of women in relationships everywhere. Balancing desires of the heart is the most vulnerable component of love. “FIRE” relates to those rollercoaster emotions and delivers a real-life sonic journey for Jenna’s audience.

The vocal range on “FIRE” further solidifies her immense talent and performance ability on any track. The beginning verse of the song reminds people why her voice is so well recognized and respected in this industry. Developing timeless music is the chief focus of the Jenna Milano blueprint, and everyone is on the same page in her camp. 

Jenna Milano is finalizing the songs for her debut EP, and top music producers are providing top-shelf production. The EP is comprised of high-energy pop/EDM tracks and signature ballads for the hopeless romantics. Jenna’s grind is eighteen hours a day and includes a rigorous gym workout, studio flow, meditation, and killing it on social media with her fans. The social media following of Jenna Milano is 1,000,000+ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Keep in mind that Jenna is an independent artist and built her fan base from the ground up. Jenna’s mention reach on Twitter alone is over 1.5 million and her network is ultra-responsive. Jenna Milano is humble, born ready, and hyper focused on becoming a legend with her music.

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