Roof Repair Direct Making Homes Safer in Canada with Roof Inspection service

Leading BC roof repair company Roof Repair Direct is offering expert roof inspection service all across the province to ensure safe investments for new home owners and real estate investors.

Vancouver, BC, 16th June 2016: The joy of moving in to a dream home can quickly sour with the sudden discovery of annoying roof leaks that can lead to water damage and mold. But the problem can be avoided through a roof inspection prior to the purchase and the leading BC roof repair company Roof Repair Direct is committed to making homes safer for new homeowners and investors by offering expert roof inspection services all across the province. Buying new properties just got a bit easier & safer.

“The latest buzzing Canadian real estate market has attracted many local and foreign buyers but the point that stings here is that in all of the excitement people are submitting no subject offers and foregoing home inspections in hopes of a quick purchase. A roof inspection is a must before you purchase any property since it can reveal all defects of the roof so know what your getting yourself into. This is why we are now extending our premium quality roof repair service by seasoned technicians so that you can make an informed decision before investing your hard earned money into a new property”, stated Jerry Cisneros, one of the men behind Roof Repair Direct.

Jerry stresses that you must have a home inspection done before the purchase of a new property if you want to avoid the bitter experience of a family who did not have their new home inspected before they purchased it and ended up with a disaster from an existing roof leak in the property. According to him, roof or any sort of leaks in the home can lead to pricey problems that could mean a burden of thousands of dollars in future and potential health issues.

“It’s of utmost necessity to carry out a thorough roof inspection by professional experts before you purchase your home. A leak might look like a small one initially but it can mean a serious compromise with the very structural foundation of the home, growth of unwanted toxic mold leading to health issues in the family.”

Roof Repair Direct works with various roofing products and also has experience wtih metal roofing. Along with roof inspections, the company also specializes in repair of roof leaks, roof maintenance, residential & commercial roof repair as well as emergency assistance.

“We will inspect the roof and if we happen to detect a leak we will be able to fix it for you. We are backed by state of the art equipment and specialized skills that can assure a proper solution to all of our roofing problems. With our team on your side you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be properly repaired and leak free.”

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