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OMAHA, NE – 6/16/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The world waited and prayed as the search for author Kim Klein’s daughter Talia’s missing plane went on for days.  The search ended with tragic news; thirteen year-old Talia was found killed; her plane had crashed into a volcano in the Panamanian jungle. Kim thought her life was over until something miraculous happened: Talia started sending her mom messages from the afterlife!

At first Talia’s messages were just that—messages for her mom. But then Talia started to expand on her messages, with descriptions of what heaven is like, what happens immediately after you die, how everyone is capable of hearing spirits if they only believe, the need to live authentically, and of love and truth. Talia herself said that her messages needed to get out to the world. Thus Kim brought The Universe Speaks A Heavenly Dialogue to life.  An in-depth journalized dialogue between Talia from heaven and “G,” a close friend of Kim’s here on earth, taken from hundreds of hours of eye-opening, life-changing messages of love, joy, wisdom, and truth that the spirit world wants us to know, NOW. These messages, often deeply personal, have the power to bring individuals, families, communities, and the world everlasting peace and joy.

At the completion of the messages, Talia’s words were published as two volumes.  Due to requests by many readers, these two volumes have been combined into this new and special, COLLECTION edition available everywhere!

Says RonaLafae Thapa, internationally recognized psychic and medium: “The Universe Speaks is the most in-depth, accurate communication with those who have crossed over into heaven that I have ever seen put to paper. Talia is a remarkable spirit who gets right to the heart of spiritual knowledge. This is a must read for anyone curious about life after death—and let’s face it, isn’t everyone?”

From Kirkus Reviews: “The author offers hard-to-dispute proof of the validity of these messages . . . More than eight months of “conversations” between Talia and “G” reveal insights and contain knowledge that only Talia herself could have known. ”

Born and raised in Southern California, Kim Klein, turned from non-believer to believer in the spiritual world after her communications from Talia began. Kim now dedicates her time to writing about her experiences, teaching others to learn and open their spiritual minds, and helping others to heal from their loss of loved ones. 

For more information on Kimberly Klein or her story, please visit The Universe Speaks A Heavenly Dialogue COLLECTION is available in hardback, paperback and as an eBook, from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House,, as well as through Ingram and Baker and Taylor.

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