2HOTFILMS Aims To Create A Black Hollywood In The UK

The UK TV and Film industry are ignoring the quality of black actors. 2HOTFILMS intends to change the TV and Film industry and create a UK version of Bollywood and Nollywood.

The UK TV and film industry are set for major changes thanks to 2HOTFILMS. With the lack of black actors on UK TV and in UK films, millions of people feel the UK small and big screen are not portraying real life and ignoring the quality black actors available. Some have gone as far as calling the industry racist, while others have said the BBC fail to live up to their responsibilities or fulfil their promise to make serious changes.

A famous comedian once said, for a black actor or comic to get their own show they would have to wait for Lenny Henry to die. Although this joke was made by a black comic around ten years ago to show the lack of diversity in the British TV and Film industry, it seems nothing has changed. There has been many promises made by the BBC and the UK film industry, but ten years later it seems time has stood still. 2HOTFILMS aims to change the lack of diversity in the UK TV and Film industry by creating a sustainable film industry similar to what Bollywood and Nollywood have achieved.

2HOTFILMS has already started to make changes with the launch of a new feature film called Hard Time Bus. The film which was self-financed and independently distributed will embark on a 6-city cinema tour, which starts on 16th July in Birmingham at mac Birmingham.

Hard Time Bus stars Neil Reidman, Naomi Ryan, Roger Griffiths, and was directed by Dean Charles. The film won Best Feature at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and has been described as one of the best UK films of 2016. The trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD55p_7729U) has caused excitement with film fans.

Films summary: ‘After a rude awakening Mark Bishop makes hasty plans to marry long-term girlfriend Denise. Everyone’s patience has been severely tested due to a web of lies and deceit. Mark soon learns that with complacency comes risk.’

A spokesman for 2HOTFILMS said: “We believe the UK film and television industry have been neglecting amazing black actors and filmmakers for far too long and as a result we have been losing them to the US.”

One prime example the way the UK film industry has neglected black actors is the makers of the James Bond films. They have ignored calls to introduce a black actor to play James Bond in the next installment of the popular franchise. With so much talent to choose from, including Alfred Enoch who Starred in Harry Potter and now in the US starring in How to get away with Murder. Many black actors including Gugu Mbatha-Raw who starred in Dr Who, Spooks, and Belle are now turning to Hollywood for roles with the lack of roles in the UK. 2HOTFILMS believes this is a prime example of why the UK TV and Film industry needs to be changed.

2HOTFILMS are currently in talks with several financiers to produce a slate of feature films and aims to make the changes that are needed in the UK to create a more exciting TV and Film industry.

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2HOTFILMS aims to use their experience to improve the UK TV and Film industry.

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