Foreign driven Political party established days before the EU referendum in the UK

“It’s time to be realistic and look to yourselves for your own salvation.”

This is the message from the newly formed Autarchic party who are about to enter the political arena to give choice to the people.

Here at the Autarchic Party, we believe people need to start to take responsibility themselves and not leave it to the present political parties, who have failed to change direction and have led us along a well-trodden path to failure.

We think that the following structure will help to turn this country and the rest of the world around and give people more choice and responsibility for their own decisions.Our strategies for making this country a world leader again, arebased on the following:

Education: We need to become less dependent, to think less uniformly and to be taught more about everyday living in the real world. People should be given lessons on how to survive in this world, how to form opinions based on factual evidence and not from theories and concepts. We need to recognise we are part of nature and embrace this in our learning.

Economy: We want to create an economy that works by representing real labour as money. It should be self-balanced by competition of a free market environment.

Every abled bodied person should contribute to the economy by offering their labour and a proportional amount of money added to the fiscal pot. Large corporations and companies should be charged tax on a flat fee basis of 5%, which we can use to look after people with disabilities and health problems which makes them unable to contribute.

We want to create a local labour force which will entice people to purchase local products from local businesses. We want people to be empowered and to become independent and self- sufficient.

Law: Under the current justice system, we do not have fair practice. The laws and the legal system as it stands is not ‘fair justice.’ We want to create a judiciary system which is represented by jury of peers not by magistrates, sheriffs, or Justice of the Peace,commercial and corporate courts. We believe that justice can only be delivered by the brutality of common sense.

Another fair process should allow the victim of a crime to demand a just punishment for the perpetrator. This of course will need to be controlled by jury in order to ensure that the punishment matches the crime and is not overly severe, merely fair.

Army: We believe that the best way for people to protect themselves is to train as volunteers and learn how to become soldiers. They will need to be armed. We don’t believe there should be just one army, we want whole nation to be the Army of trained people ready to organise when necessary. The whole of society should receive free training, in order to learn the tactics of defence.

Party leader Mr Sergiy Rulikovskyy thinks that one of the main advantages over opponents is the that Mr. Rulikovskyy was born in USSR and has experienced various social and economic events in more than one culture. Having to work hard for a living makes you pay attention and be more responsible. Unlike theprivate school graduates of rich families who cannot associate themselves with working class people.

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