Small Business Starts are Rebounding in 2016. Veteran Corporate Marketers Aligning with Traditional Small Business Owners For Growth in Southern California’s Post Recession Economy.

Small businesses are once again moving forward in the wake of the Great Recession. What’s new is how veteran corporate marketers, now down-sized as corporate America moves forward in a re-structured economy, have joined the ranks of small business starts. The result is more opportunities for traditional small business owners to align with their more polished counter-parts. The result? Growth opportunities for everyone as a new type of industrial commons begins to develop!

FULLERTON, CA – 6/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The entrepreneurial life of a small business owner is filled with challenges and hard won growth.  Success is found by relatively few entrepreneurs and while the excitement and lifestyle of small business ownership can be rewarding, many entrepreneurs encounter financial disappointments and the failure rate on small businesses is high; roughly one in two small businesses fail in the first five years.   .

There are a variety of reasons why small companies may fail.  For instance, nearly two-thirds of start-ups are headed by owners without an undergraduate degree.  Many small companies do not take the time to create a well researched business plan.  Many small businesses have a poor internet presence and bad marketing.  Rather than reaching out to consultants or agencies, many small businesses attempt to market their companies on their own.  In fact, a common mistake small business owners make is believing they can do everything on their own. 

The bright spot in this picture, however, is that as start-ups survive past the fifth year, the failure rate also decreases.  Still, over time, only about 25% of start-ups survive into the seventeenth year and longer.  Despite existence of organizations such as SBA and Score, much more should be done to assist small businesses.  You can yellow highlight this point after you realize that nearly 90% of all US workers are employed by firms with twenty or fewer employees.

Hope does spring eternal, however, and 2015 was the first year in the last six that actually saw a national net increase in new business start-ups.  In fact, over $11.3 billion in venture capital was invested nationally into US startups in the fourth quarter of 2015.  This new trend has prompted the action of local marketers with a desire to assist small businesses.  Professor Joe Hines, an Orange County-based professor of marketing and 20+ year veteran of corporate marketing and the President and owner of A-Cubed Marketing, is an example we think Southern California business owners should be aware of. 

“My Dad was an inspiration to me in forming my own small business.  He actually ran a small import-export, retail focused food brokerage for many years and it was the combined income of my Mom and Dad that got us kids through college.  After many years in the corporate world with some big firms like ConAgra and DeVry University, I wanted more of the life he had and launched my marketing consultancy.”, said Professor Hines.  “And because I’ve always been committed to education, I also began teaching about a decade ago as a way to help prepare the next generation.”

Professor Hines’ give-back mindset is on display monthly through his meet-up group, Orange County Small Business Marketing Connection, where he provides small-business, hands-on insights to help small business owners grow their businesses.  In addition, he offers a half-day marketing workshop where business owners can learn to create a marketing strategy and leave with the foundation of a lead generation which can be put into use the next business day.  His next workshop, How to Market Your Small Business For Bigger Sales … On a Shoe String Budget! Is offered on July 16, 2016 from 10 am to 2 pm at Pro Desk Space in Fullerton.  Tickets are available on using the following link

Event Specifics:

Where:  Pro Desk Space   112 E Amerige  Fullerton, CA

When:  July 16, 2016, 10 AM to 2 PM


1.  Develop or improve your company’s branding strategy

Purpose:  Learn how to influence how your prospects and customers think about you and your business.

2.  Select and Create Effective Branding Tactics

Purpose:  Learn to use language, images and colors to create emotion-based connections with prospects that lead to new business.

3.  Assemble and connect the elements of a sales funnel

Purpose:  Learn how to select, manage and combine the right social media and content marketing tools to lead prospects through your sales process and do more business with more customers at a lower cost per conversion

Cindy Latsch, owner of local SEO firm, SDGI and a recent attendee of Professor Hines’ workshop had this to say about her experience there.  “This was a terrific day for me.  I came out of that workshop with a whole new perspective on what my message to my prospects should be and a new way to go about sharing my message!  I’d recommend this to anyone who’s serious about growing their company!”

About Joe Hines

Joe Hines is Professor of Marketing with lecturing credits at CSUF, Concordia, Biola University, Cal Baptist University, Fullerton College, Keller Graduate School of Management and DeVry University.  His firm, A-Cubed Marketing, serves the small business community with complete content marketing services.  Previously, Professor Hines has served as Marketing Director for ConAgra Foods and DeVry University.

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