Art Lovers Rejoice that Klaus Gaar’s “The New Great Red Dragon” is Available for Purchase

For more than two centuries, one of the most striking and memorable paintings has been William Blake’s “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun,” and now art lovers can enjoy this art in a new way. For the first time since the painting’s creation, a sculptor, celebrated Austrian sculptor Klaus Gaar, has created a sculpture based on Blake’s painting. He unveiled the “New Great Red Dragon” to enormous public acclaim at the April, 2016 Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, California. In response to the immense public response, Gaar has decided to make his masterpiece more widely available by producing and selling replicas.

Each sculpture is crafted from fabricated pieces using 23 molds. Additionally, each sculpture is unique because the horns adorning the heads of the dragon are sculpted by hand. Each version that will be made available to the public will be a unique masterwork that celebrates a timeless piece of art.

You can join the select few who can experience the startling beauty of the “New Great Red Dragon” by reserving your own replica through Klaus Gaar’s Kickstarter campaign. You may choose the color of the sculpture, as well as which is the main head. Each replica is signed and numbered by the artist, and should reach you by October or November of 2016. If you choose not to purchase “New Great Red Dragon”, you can still participate in this historic project by financially contributing to this Kickstarter campaign and earning a perk like a postcard, mug, or art print. To learn more about the “New Great Red Dragon”, or to reserve your own, please visit  

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