Hollywood & The Side Effects \”Dance On\” out now !!!

“Frank Buelow”
Famous singer, songwriter and producer Frank Buelow releases his new album “Dance On”, a groovy and breathtaking album with ten dance pop tracks! It´s a great mixture of Buelow originals and old rock-pop-classics, that turns into a modern dance-pop-sound.


…is the name of the latest dance-pop project of singer/songwriter and producer Frank Buelow, who has been responsible for “Rendezvous”, the biggest radio hit of the famous euro dance formation CULTURE BEAT in the late nineties.

After a 15-year absence, working on his solo career as artist BUELOW in his home language (German), and playing many live gigs with his Folk-Pop-Band ACOUSTIC GARDEN, he´s back now, returning to the sound of music that made him so successful in the earlier days. DANCE ON is the title of a groovy and breathtaking album with ten dance pop tracks! It´s a great mixture of Buelow originals and old rock-pop-classics, that turns into a modern dance-pop-sound.

So you´ll find a fantastic new interpretation of milestones like “locomotive breath”, “owner of a lonely heart”, “Betty Davis eyes”, “I was made for loving you”, “born to be wild”, or even “urgent”, beside four brand new Buelow Songs that fit to the cover versions of his all time favourites perfectly! “it´s been one of this nights….I couldn´t sleep and I zapped through the TV channels…stopped at a movie called THE SIDE EFFECTS…a Hollywood movie…,guess how easy it was to find the name to this unbelievable project.”

BUELOW worked with CULTERE BEAT on the album INSIDE OUT (1995) and METAMORPHOSIS (1998). He wrote the chart singles “walk the same line” and “Rendezvous”. Last one was one of the twenty most played tracks in the German, Austrian & Swiss airlpay in 1998. He also attended a European live tour with the band as guitar player and backround singer. His duet “worth the wait” with singer Tanja Evans was a highlight in each Culture Beat show!

In the year 2000 Buelow composed & wrote the third single “thinking of you” of ATC´s album PLANET POP, a worldwide top seller, which was produced by Alex Christensen. This collaboration resulted a number one radio single “Wieder da” for the german cult artist Marianne Rosenberg.

“My son Leon, who´s now nineteen, brought me back to the dance music. Since two years he comes over and over with new arrangements and ideas and it´s a pleasure for me to find the right melodies and words to his templates and the musical images he paints.” The song “she´s got my love” for example is based on an idea of son Leon Campbell. “The first song my son composed, I added the lyrics and the vocal melody to the track (feel the breeze) for the Czech artist MISTA”. The song appeared soon at the Czech Bravo Hits Compilation and the video of the summer edit made it to over one million clicks so far!

Buelow produced the DANCE ON album all alone. A special appearance is the voice of his good old buddy Frank Salazar, the soulman with Indian roots from San Diego.

With his charismatic voice he gives the single DANCE ON a different color.
Another tasteful appearance is the saxophone player Monica Cierna from Vienna, who´s playing her mind away on “through the eyes of a child”.

With HOLLYWOOD & THE SIDE EFFECTS Buelow wants to enter again the dancefloors, the radio stations and for sure the live clubs. He´s preparing a show with dancers, band & dj, looking forward to pump up the volume, with the promise:“Your feet won´t stand still”! 

DANCE ON is online in web stores since May2016 on Itunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google play, Tidal.


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/x7werxG7YDo

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