The Most Beautiful Mysterious Face of 21st Century around Asia – Wang Yichen

Recently, since new media of all countries are reporting successively, Wang Yichen (YcRa), an eighteen-year-old girl of Chinese nationality became popular due to her work Tomb Lover which was shot in an ancient tomb area in England. After its exposure, the work aroused a heated discussion and then a large number of reports came out. Soon Wang Yichen (YcRa) became a new emerging force with the largest potential in new faces of Asia after being warmly chased by media and fans from different countries.




Wang Yichen (YcRa), born on August 12, 1997, is a classical stargazer, fashion designer and free art composer. According to the report, the set of work Tomb Lover is actually the theme photography of inspiration, a fashion work during her study in Cambridge school of visual and performing arts in the early years. Unexpectedly, the work is disputed and discussed by netizens from all countries after it got exposed. Besides, as a fashion designer, she is preparing the fashion brand for creation and will push it out officially in the near future. It is understood that the girl who integrates beauty, elegance and talent is also interested in occultism since her childhood. She is good at western traditional astrology (classical astrology) and learning after leaders of China’s astrology field.




As reported by famous media like People’s, Netease, Sohu,com, Tencent and MSN Chinese, Wang Yichen’s debut is her participation in a shoot by chance and then she wrote and dubbed for a propagating program of travel. She got injured accidentally in shooting, but she showed her devotion to her work instead of complaint, which is highly praised by people inside and outside the entertainment circle. Moreover, her romantic charm is exactly like the well-known star Wang Zuxian who is popular in Asia in 1980s. For this reason, she was exposed by netizens and media quickily. She not only got a lot of compliments on elegance, intangibility, mystery, and she is sometimes soft, sometimes tough like a knight-errant with classical charm. Also she was flattered as “the coolest national fairy”. This eighteen-year-old girl outside the entertainment circle amazed people all over the world. There is no doubt that she will be the youngest and the most charming female of the new generation in Asia in the 21st century.

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