Detroit 75 Kitchen Food Truck Turns a New Leaf for Southwest Detroit

Detroit 75 Kitchen has come up as the top voted food truck in Detroit with its sophisticated artisan experience on unparalleled gourmet food while bringing positive light to Southwest Detroit.

Detroit, MI, June 29th 2016: Speak of food trucks in Detroit today and everybody swears by Chef Mike’s sensational Detroit 75 Kitchen. Voted as the top food truck in Detroit, the big foodie puller has also won the accolades of top Philly Steak Sub, top Fries and Fish as well.

“It’s a proud moment for us to note that we are the top voted food truck in the whole Detroit gourmet scene. We believe it’s our commitment towards a sophisticated artisan experience with unparalleled gourmet food which has elevated us as one of the better food trucks today”, smiled Chef Mike while remarking on the huge buzz created by his food truck.

Chef Mike, a former restaurant owner, specializes in street food and through his popular food truck, he is offering a unique blend of street foods prepared with high-end techniques used by gourmet restaurants. But serving food may not be the only thing on Detroit 75 Kitchen’s agenda.

Speaking with the head of operations, Ahmad Nassar, he said that he is looking forward to paint Southwest Detroit in a new light. In his words, though the other parts of Detroit are experiencing lots of rebuilding post-recession, very little is happening in Southwest Detroit and he aims to change that for the better. Strategically placing Detroit 75 Kitchen in Southwest Detroit was his first decision.

“We want to show everybody that Southwest Detroit is not just plain rough- in fact, it’s really welcoming with one of the best food options in the entire city which also happens to be one of the more notable food trucks in our country. It’s very important to serve as an anchor for this sector of the city. To see people not only from across Detroit but also across the country come to try our food truck is very dear to our hearts.  It allows us to showcase the type of food we are offering – but more importantly- it gives us a chance to prove that Southwest Detroit has life.

“Our BBQ Chicken Egg Rolls are a must try.  As far as sandwiches go – I would recommend our 3rd Street Detroit Philly and Fisher Fwy. Fish for first timers!  All of our items pair exceptionally well with our fan-favorite Hand-cut Garlic Cilantro Fries which is served with our roasted jalapeno ketchup.

Detroit 75 Kitchen is available for private events and can create extraordinary delectable menu items for any occasion.  The work they are doing in the kitchen is very special. However, leading the post-recession revolution for Southwest Detroit is worth attention and is remarkable. 

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Distributed by Iris Schwenk

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