Q Medical Singapore Announces Life-Saving Program That Can Prevent Exposure To HIV From Becoming An Active HIV Infection

Q Medical has developed a protocol that includes a rapid response treatment program for people who may have been exposed to HIV.

SINGAPORE, August 7, 2014, People who have possibly been exposed to HIV need no longer be in a state of panic. Thanks to a Rapid Response Program offered by Q Medical Clinic, it is now possible to reverse the course of an unattended HIV exposure. This centrally located medical clinic is accredited by the Singapore Ministry of Health, and their new HIV Management Protocol is saving lives, but the life-saving window is usually within 72-hours of having been exposed to HIV. This unique treatment is actually capable of stopping an active HIV infection from happening.

Some people are at high risk to the HIV infection, such as: Commercial Sex Workers, Gay or Bisexual Men, IV Drug Addicts, Rape Victims, or those with a HIV positive sex partner. The first step is a Rapid Test to see if the person is HIV positive. If the test is positive, a Baseline Blood Test is done to make sure all vital organs are functioning properly. The Q Medical Protocol includes daily medication for a month. This is a cocktail of 2-3 Anti-retroviral drugs, such as Combivir, Kaletra or Truvada. Follow-up testing is included after one month and three months post exposure.

Q Medical HIV Rapid-Response Prophylaxis has been very successful. The bottom line here is that after HIV gets into the bloodstream, it takes from a few hours to a few days before it becomes a permanent infection. This is why there is a 72-hour window where HIV can be halted in its tracks. HIV makes copies of itself once it enters the body and it takes about three days for it to spread throughout the body. When HIV is only in a few cells where it entered the body, it can sometimes be stopped by early intervention, but when it is in many cells in many places in the body, it can no longer be eliminated.

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